One to work Completed for fintech Silver Guard clarified What, inside 2022, them 1.7 million of scams using HE system inside payment. Per bill From this, increases importance inside to stay attentive these movements for NO if transform inside More One victim.

Despite, Which likely to approaches More widespread between criminals Which one to do With to protect from them? We will cover them important to follow.

Which these You pix scam More popular?

Before to talk of your blows Properly wordsThis important to remember What, on them All, to exist possibility defend yourself One format Good practical: check HE buyer What will to take your transfer before Approve.

Like You Will have opportunity inside to see to follow, All You fraud they can to be violently reduced to check with To be careful to information important before To approve a Pix. check out:


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A lot organizations This professionals offer possibility inside to do One transfer via Pix. Despite everything, inside A lot cases You scammers swindle HE information This sting your keys personal for to take to transfers.

“Inside case inside payment With QR Code, One fly and every time check if they have stickers glued -most paper with HE informationWhat can do to identify One to change. check out Moreover HE benefited from from enthusiasm processnon-stop approves You previous data effect Pix”, warned Igor de Andrade, expert inside security HostGator digital, inside report to TecMundo.

“Coup More recurrent -most end quarter 2023 he was replacement related to buyer if from pix to be HE favorite inside people bad-intended. If code pix This via e-mail, to approve-thirst To approve key -most to behave from completion from process Pix”, warns HE worker From HostGator.

To buy inside area WRONG

Another Pix scam quite a few widespread And to buy inside area WRONG. How have name from to understand, he includes to buy also product inside One page What generally presents items enviable per Price:%s More miscarriagesWhat it is suitable inside bait for A lot buyers.

This way before Same inside to arrive to end process to know whether buyer inside truth And shopping centre, to suspect inside promotions miraculous. what would happen reason, per exampleFrom a R$ 4,000 smartphone offered inside Only One or two Malls per R$ 2.5 thousand?

In addition From this, You can do to call on Google and until Same -most To complain here if enthusiasm shopping centre to exist, Good like check reputation and others users these speaking he.

cloning from WhatsApp

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If yet NO You approached in this way, Definitely You do you know someone What he was. Nesa modality pix scam, criminals to be clone from WhatsApp One person This to enter inside To contact with friends and relatives for to ask money borrowed.

Case HE to be, All To be careful This A little. Before any thing, piece for to do One Call inside video for have precision with WHO This speaking. This better form avoid if become One related to new victims this attack What Only to leave -most Brazil.

WRONG service telephone

This is Pix scam Moreover This quite a few popular. A. First scene from him occurs inside One connection or Transport inside Message inside text inside One person, generally if last per worker or worker from the bank.

After that HE First To contact, You criminals generally to be to persuade victim Register One new key inside access. After that From this, person from the other side to ask for user to do One transfer minimumWhat would serve for activation from so called key.

Per bill From this, This important check If your bank truth, Generally to enter inside To contact per telephone for check information. AND, More One returnnon-stop check out WHO To go to take transfer for NO to lose HE money.

To recognise to benefits From Kaspersky Premium

Case is inside to call inside One tool ingenious inside to protect against movements doubts This finalize scanning related to system inside to call inside virusHE Kaspersky Premium And better solution.

To: hire plan, You Will have access to following resources:

  • Protection inside identity, with Right One system ingenious inside to detect trials inside access far;
  • Tools for: interrupt tracing online, ads This Links NO official;
  • for system protection inside methods inside payment online;
  • Manager inside passwords for facilitate your access Services various without need he is writing your combinations;
  • VPN for (Virtual Private Network) One navigation More trustworthy And together privacy.

was curious to know More about Kaspersky Premium and take care of You the best resources When HE lesson This security digital? Later check out yet More detail related to product on official page.

Source: Tec Mundo

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