Apple tablets often replace a work computer and already allow you to work with documents, data and some professional applications. In most cases, this requires an external keyboard. This could be great, but an expensive Magic Keyboard or a more affordable third party keyboard.

In any case, you will want to customize the layout for yourself, but iPadOS does not have the same key customization options as macOS.

Topic: How to create your own keyboard layout on Mac. For example, change the location of periods and commas.

Luckily, some systems have several important options that can improve your experience with a comfortable external keyboard. We’ll talk about them below.

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How to change the external key layout in iPadOS

When connecting external components to the iPad, the first question that will arise is: how to enter periods and commas? By default, the default layout from macOS is not the most convenient, where punctuation marks must be entered using Shift and the necessary numbers.

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Most Apple computer users prefer the PC layout, which can be upgraded and customized on a Mac.

To change the connected keyboard layout on iPad, do the following:


► Go to Settings – General – Keyboard.

► open section Keyboards and show a new item Physical keyboard. It is only available with a keyboard connected.

► Choose a layout approach for Russian and English languages.

How to reconfigure the keyboard modification in iPadOS

Another sign would be the remapping of the keyboard change. So, for example, if the keyboard is not suitable for the macOS layout, you can replace the button Window and on FN or Alternative option for the usual work after Mac. You will also be able to repurpose something more useful. globe And Caps Lock.

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To reassign a keyboard modification, do the following:

► Go to Settings – General – Keyboard.

► open section Keyboards – Physical Keyboard.

► Go to menu item Keys modification and reassign the desired buttons.

The system saves the settings of the connected keyboard. The next time you connect, epidemics will not be included in the system settings again.

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