Megamarket analysts have identified the most popular products on the market in the spring season. In March, user spending on fix and repair items increases significantly. Additionally, tools and building materials that are popular each spring season may be in demand up to three times higher during the current spring period. This is demonstrated by data from market analysts.

Analysts named the most popular products on the markets this spring


Every year in the spring months there is an increase in demand for electric pressure washers. Marketplace customers also actively purchase frame pools and gas lawn mowers.

Popular in category “Construction and renovation”

In the spring months, water heater costs quadruple. The most popular products, according to analysts, will be drills, screwdrivers and faucets for kitchen sinks.

Growing demand for furniture online

According to Ilya Prokofiev, director of DIY, automobiles and home goods at Megamarket, in spring people are inspired for updates. According to statistics from previous years, in March there was a 70% increase in demand for decorative lamps. 12% more likely to purchase bedding.

Additionally, in the spring months, Russians are 30% more likely to order kitchen chairs and computer chairs. Demand for orthopedic mattresses is tripling.

Market analysts also recommend that sellers pay attention to products for sports and active outdoor leisure. Electric scooters and bicycles have the highest average bill and displace treadmills and electric massagers.

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Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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