HeadHunter received shareholder approval to re-register from Cyprus in Russia. The company will be registered in the “Russian offshore” in the Kaliningrad region. Investors received the news with optimism: HeadHunter’s revenue on the Moscow Stock Exchange is growing by 3.1%.

HeadHunter received shareholder approval to re-register from Cyprus in Russia


HeadHunter Group Plc, registered in Cyprus, has received shareholder approval to “move” to Russia. This was reported by the HeadHunter press service.

The reregistration of the company in another jurisdiction, or redomiciliation, was supported by the owners of 20.9 million voting shares. The decision was opposed by the holders of 2.7 million shares with voting rights.

HeadHunter will be registered in a special administrative region, the so-called Russian offshore, in the Kaliningrad region.

The company announced plans to change its corporate structure in November 2023. HeeadHunter’s new parent organization, MCAO Headhunter, was registered in the Kaliningrad region and received more than 72% of the capital of HeadHunter Group Plc.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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