This was in 2020 when the platform Netflix Argentine true crime documentary series premiered and revolutionized screens: Carmel Who killed Maria Martha? which tells the story of the murder and twisted events that ended with Maria Marta García Belsunce, a 50-year-old sociologist and wife of a merchant seaman who made money as a financier, who was found dead in the bathtub of her home on October 27. , 2002. .

“A woman dies in a bathtub next to a pool of blood. Her husband assumes that she was in an accident. But the autopsy tells a very different story,” was the Netflix teaser introducing the story.

Carmel: Who killed Maria Marta? | Official trailer | Netflix

It turns out that after problems in the investigation, serious errors in the process and incorrect prison sentences, on March 28, 2024, the only culprit of the crime was confirmed: Nicholas Pacelo.

The Buenos Aires Court of Cassation, the highest court of appeal in criminal cases, found Pacelo, a resident of Belsunce in Carmel, a private neighborhood on the outskirts of the Argentine capital, guilty of murder.

In 2002, doctors who came to Carmel determined that Maria Martha’s death was caused by hitting her head while leaving the bathroom.

García Belsunce was not hit in the back of the head in the bathroom, but rather was shot five times in the head. His body was exhumed after his half-brother Juan Hurtig contacted prosecutors two weeks after the burial and reported that he had found a “pituto” (a small piece of metal) at the crime scene and had thrown it away. .to the toilet, wrapped in toilet paper. The “Pituto” in question was a .32 caliber bullet that missed its target.

What followed was a comedy of errors: “In January 2003, the prosecutor ordered an investigation into her husband, Carlos Carrascosa, whom he accused of a crime of passion. He then attacked the García Belsunce brothers, whom he accused of a cover-up. Neighbors, friends, family members and even Garcia Belsunce’s masseuse and doctor have been under investigation for years. In 2007, Carrascosa was sentenced to five years in prison for covering up a murder, and two years later another court sentenced him to life in prison for murder. The widower spent five years in prison and two years under house arrest until the Supreme Court ordered a Buenos Aires court to reconsider the sentence,” El País de España reported.

In December 2022, Pachelo was found guilty of robbery at the scene of García Belsunce’s death, but his participation as the victim’s killer was ruled out and he was acquitted of this crime, until now the appeal court heard his case and sentenced him. life imprisonment.

“It was what I expected, it was my duty to Maria,” widower Carlos Carrascosa said Wednesday in response to a question from the newspaper. Nation of Argentina. “I believe that due to the persecution we suffered as a family, Mary was never able to find peace in peace. I still miss Maria like every day. “I wanted to know who the killer was and that was achieved.”

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