A new film has been released in the Russian box office – “Ghostbusters. Chilling horror.” The film is a continuation of the 2021 film (our review), which, in turn, became a soft restart of the story about a team of heroes protecting the world from evil ghosts.

The sequel takes place in New York, where the franchise became famous 40 years ago. Has it developed new success in famous places or turned out to be a dud?

We have already attended the premiere and are ready to share our impressions.

There’s a lot of nostalgia here, but therein lies the problem

What is the movie about: continues the story of the Spangler family and their team member, agriculture teacher Gary Gruberson. After adventures in picturesque Oklahoma, the main characters move to the urban jungle of New York, returning to the legendary firehouse that served as the headquarters of the original Ghostbusters.

Let’s start with the main thing – the film is literally permeated with nostalgia and various Easter eggs. The plot tells not only about the Spangler family, but also focuses on the original Ghostbusters – Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, adding experience and charisma to the team.

Members of the original cast maintain a nostalgic aura around the iconic characters they first played four sounds ago. Some people here are putting on the famous proton one for the first time. I think this is a great move – both moms and dads and the younger generation will be happy.

In general, the film is simply too many characterswhich complicates perception.

To the already known ten characters, 4-5 new ones are added, which is why many unnecessary storylines appear that are not carried out anywhere and are of no interest to anyone. You just feel an overabundance of heroes and events.

That’s when there’s too much going on in a movie.

The script, characters and their motivations in the film were expressed more carefully and brought to perfection. “Ghostbusters. Chilling horror” overloaded with unnecessary plot linesDoesn’t help character development.

However, one truly developed character turns out to be the main antagonist in the person of the ancient god Garraki, who was sealed in an ancient bronze ball. It creates a new danger that could trigger a new ice age.

It is this gradual hero who reveals himself to the viewer, telling his story and having the greatest impact on the plot. It’s somehow strange when the motivation and actions of the crime seem best to the main characters, some of which are generally applied during the course of the story.

The film is good how entertainment works (no)

If the 1984 original was a tongue-in-cheek satire about small business, the humor of Chilling Horror tries to be harmless and in places slips into kindergarten. The filmmakers probably decided that we would laugh at the characters getting covered in slime every five minutes.

Bill Murray seems so tired of repeating the same jokes that his expression says, “When can I get back to a warm fire and a bottle of whiskey?” It seems like he arrives at every scene with a proton pack in one hand and a bulk check in the other.

Technically, Chilling Terror doesn’t really stand out, although it was fun to see the return of old gadgets and new tricks for catching ghosts. Some moments are truly breathtaking, like when the villain reveals his freezing powers for the first time.

But towards the big Marvel-style finale with an all-CGI villain, things get too messy for the overall experience. Although, of course, the scenes of a large metropolis freezing look epic. Roland Emmerich would definitely understand!

A passable movie that makes you feel bad

The original film was funny, inventive, and a little naive in its simplicity, but this new one feels like someone took the entire ghost-hunting toolkit and accidentally threw it into a blender complete with glowing sparkles in the form of SGI graphics. The result was a pleasant mixture, but nothing more.

The Hollywood machine simply introduced the idea of ​​a retro vibe with official vintage-style jumpsuits and an ectomobile, but in places it looks forced and unnatural. The movie relies too much on the feeling of nostalgia, without taking into account anything new and original. The following various Easter eggs are scattered throughout the film as little treasures for dedicated fans, but they are more reminders of past glories than leading to a new film.

Fans of the franchise will likely be divided into two camps: those who will rejoice in the return of their favorite characters, while others will miss the parodies of supernatural horror and tongue-in-cheek satire of politics.

The franchise is now completely focused on families as its key audience. Your children may be delighted by the frozen streets of New York, but for adults, perhaps stock up on hot coffee to avoid falling asleep or freezing from boredom.

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