Making a Killer was the first true crime documentary on Netflix. But more than that, it gave the genre the opportunity to have a completely new impact on popular culture. The rest is history. The platform has made products on topics related to crime, murder and criminals an important part of its catalogue. What’s even more interesting is that it has led to the discovery of some of the most horrifying and bloody cases. to a new look at the method of counting them on the small screen.

Nowadays, stories based on crimes and violent events are an important part of understanding the content of a subscription service. But much more important is the type of phenomenon that he created around himself. This is no longer just about investigating bloody circumstances. At the same time, the way it is understood as a cultural event. Almost without wanting it, Netflix has managed to get to the bottom of our collective morbid curiosity. This gave rise to the exploration of unknown documentary film scenarios as records.

If you’re also interested in the dark side of human behavior, we leave you with seven documentaries that you can watch right now on Netflix. From the horrific story of a victim who had to fight for the system to take her complaint seriously to the downfall of a food tycoon. The selection demonstrates not only a new look at the method of criminal investigation. So too is the sinister that may be hidden in the white spaces of the law. The most disturbing thing about most of the stories told.

California Nightmare Kidnapping

The documentary takes the horrific experience of a sexual assault victim and turns it into an exposé of legal malpractice. In three chapters, he recounts one of the most controversial cases in North America in recent years.. Denise Haskins and her fiancé Aaron Quinn were subjected to an unexplained abduction, including a home invasion and rape.

In addition, she was dragged from her home and held captive for almost a week. But once Haskins was released, police stopped investigating her case. Cause? Alleged similarity of the case with the argument A lossfilm directed by David Fincher.

A situation that may have seemed completely absurd has become one of the most controversial cases in the United States, especially because of the judicial malpractice it demonstrated. California Nightmare Kidnappingtells how the couple had to fight resistance from the police to finally be taken seriously. Not if you first go through years of humiliation and shame.

Girl from the Vatican

On June 22, 1983, Emanuela Orlandi disappeared in the city of Rome. Before this, the teenager was an exemplary girl from an ordinary family. But his apparent kidnapping opened up the possibility that he could be the victim of something darker and more violent. Namely: a human trafficking ring that included a young woman who became the subject of a sinister exchange between the Mafia and the Vatican.

The proceedings follow step by step all investigations related to this case. And also all the hypotheses that were put forward around the obvious crime.. However, it reaches the same painful crossroads as the real case. Emanuela Orlandi’s whereabouts became a mystery to the authorities, her circle and, ultimately, those who became obsessed with the case. Something that Girl from the Vatican makes it clear in all chapters.

Take care of Maya

Netflix Documentaries

Maya Kowalski was a little girl when she began to show symptoms of some kind of physical ailment that doctors could not immediately diagnose. What the family never expected was that a visit to the hospital would turn the patient into a victim of the health care bureaucracy.. On the other hand, his parents are suspected of a vague crime.

Take care of Maya talks about the girl’s parents’ struggle to regain custody of her, and details how the case of a girl who was practically kidnapped under outdated laws is not a unique case. The case becomes even more tragic in the midst of a suicide and, ultimately, a lengthy trial in which justice was never achieved. A horrifying experience that is detailed in the story.

Murdaugh: Death and Scandal in South Carolina

Netflix Documentaries

Trading in influence and, above all, legal cover, is the center of this documentary, which shows two unpunished killers in an abusive family. From trading power to using political influence. The documentary delves into the idea that power is capable of evading justice. Even in a country like North America and in the midst of a legal battle that has been going on for decades.

The worst thing about Murdaugh: Death and Scandal in South CarolinaThe goal is to show the extent to which evidence and testimony can be manipulated. Gradually, the plot details the criminal struggle with the alleged culprits and, ultimately, the collective disappointment due to the triumph of injustice. One of the most difficult points of the program.

Night Stalker: Into the House of a Serial Killer

Netflix Documentaries

Richard Ramirez was one of the most brutal serial killers in American history. In addition to profiles and psychiatric details, the perpetrator killed 14 people of all genders and ages. He also sexually assaulted most of them. As his trail of terror spread across the city of Los Angeles, it became apparent that the criminal had been outsmarting the police all along.

Night Stalker: Into the House of a Serial Killer, demonstrates the joint efforts of competent authorities and various public security agencies in North America. This allowed them to develop a joint plan that would allow them to stop Ramirez’s siege. This is a thorough investigation of an event that affected the country and the police system.

Be Obedient: Prayer and Obedience

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Over four episodes, this documentary examines everything related to the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-day Saints.. A religious group with extreme rules and regulations, it is considered one of the harshest and most radical cults in the world. For decades it was led by Warren Jeffs, a messianic leader who claimed to be immortal and was also a divine interlocutor. These claims allowed him to commit all sorts of crimes and maintain strict control over his followers.

The documentary shows the horrific conditions its members endured, and in particular the complex case of polygamy. One is so serious that it has caused polygamy and even cases of genetic diseases of an endogamous nature. One of the worst cases of religious violence in recent decades.

Our father

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Yeah Be Obedient: Prayer and Obedience delves into endogamous families, Our father takes the premise to a terrifying level. The story of fertility doctor Donald Cline is not only a crime of a scale difficult to fathom. At the same time, it is a demonstration of the few laws available to victims of the abuse of scientific fertilizer resources. The doctor used his own sperm in many of the artificial conception cases he treated. Thanks to this, he became the biological father of at least 100 different people.

The production shows how, in most cases, the scientist manipulated data and procedures to establish his paternity. At the same time, the legal path of his victims to achieve justice. A terrifying map of bioethics abuses and their consequences.

Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Runaways

Netflix Documentaries

Chef Sarma Melngailis became an overnight celebrity in New York thanks to her vegan restaurant. Suddenly, all the establishment’s social networks were filled with the faces of Hollywood stars and influencers. That’s all until an absurd event happened: a man promised him the immortality of his dog.

Melngailis not only believed him. He also transferred absolute control of all his finances and businesses. A decade later, the public figure was prosecuted and accused of colossal tax fraud. Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Runaways He goes into detail about what happened, but also does something else. Let the chef give his version of the scandalous incident.

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