The most complex part of the brain, especially in humans, is the prefrontal cortical structures. This area is responsible for higher-order thought processes and executive functions; It helps with planning, weighing incoming information and making decisions. The main period of development of this part of the brain occurs during adolescence and the early 20s.

The amygdala, along with other structures in the temporal lobe of the brain, plays an important role during adolescence. These areas develop earlier than others. They are associated with emotions and immediate reactions to stimuli.

During adolescence, people are more likely to react impulsively because their subcortical structures (amygdala) are already “mature” and the prefrontal cortex is still developing.

One of the scientists’ hypotheses is that adolescent brains have less GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), an inhibitory transmitter. Experts also believe their brains have different levels of modulating neurotransmitters or perform different functions than adults.

During experiments on animals, experts noticed that if they begin to be afraid of something in adolescence, it is much more difficult to “extinguish” these memories than if they learned it in childhood or adulthood.

Synaptic pruning also occurs during adolescence. In other words, the brain gets rid of unnecessary synapses. This can be very important for adolescence, as it is characterized by seeking new experiences, novelty, learning the consequences of decisions made, and exploring the world more independently.

Part of an adolescent’s neurological makeup is inherited, such as a predisposition to anxiety or certain mental illnesses. Many of these diseases appear for the first time during this period.

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