The country’s Attorney General, Casanare, on the second day of the agenda in Yopal, Daisy White Hairconfident that it would not allow it within its constitutional powers, resources for social issues, used in conjunction with political aims.

There was a warning in the middle. Forum Developments in the Election Processheld with other officials to discuss electoral surveillance issues on the eve of local and regional elections in October. The National Electoral Council judges and editor-in-chief attended the Yopal meeting. Alexander Vega.

Regarding Cabello, in the country 10 municipalities that need urgent efforts to ensure that residents exercise their right to vote, as there are risks to citizen safety and impropriety due to the commission of electoral crimes.

(We leave it to you: alleged gifts for processing decisions, blame against the authorities at Atlántico)

The most risky municipalities El Bagre, Antioquia; Algeria, Caucasus; Puerto Libertador, San José de Uré and Tierralta, Córdoba; Tumaco, Narino; dwarf and Tibú in Norte de Santander; good luck and Jamundí in Valle del Cauca.

The head of the Ministry of Public Affairs also noted that the “most” of public contracts through copyright sources hole where embezzlement slips “We keep an eye on all public contracting and all copyrighted work because the intent to use these resources for personal political purposes is so great and we must be vigilant,” he said.

Faced with this risk, Cabello asked national authorities to ensure voting and transparency at the polls. There’s something particularly complicated for him this time around, and he has 120,000 candidates seeking positions in local and departmental offices.

“In other words, we had roughly a hundred 120,000 candidates out of 2,822 candidates in the national elections,” the Attorney General said. Important Citizen Groups Compared to the last local elections of 2019.

However, he reminded the public officials who will take part in this election process that the Office of the Chief Prosecutor has the authority to investigate, investigate, sanction and suspend: “Rest assured that we will use it when necessary.. To end this election process that has begun,” he said.

Source: Exame

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