Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) can help generate responses to emails. Last Wednesday (3), Gmail’s integration with artificial intelligence was found, which creates message suggestions based on the content received.

The feature was discovered by the tipster known as @AssembleDebug and published on X, formerly Twitter. This feature has been manually enabled and is not currently publicly available.

To: Gemini response suggestions are solid and taken from the email received. Three alternatives are generated for each message, from the simple “I accept” or “Understood” to longer sentences such as “Yes, I accept the terms. Let me know when you need my help.”

Adding a generative model to generate rapid responses can in some ways be more efficient than simpler alternatives. By understanding the context of the received message, AI can return better designed and contextualized messages.

Under the suggestions, Gemini asks, “Bad suggestions?” It offers a button labeled . User providing feedback for created content. Community feedback can help Google improve the tool and make the answers more convincing.

Gemini is now on Gmail

Currently Gemini is already available on Gmail. Artificial intelligence helps the user compose a message by providing suggestions to complete sentences.

In a way, the reply generator is a complement to this tool and only tends to make the Gmail routine even more practical.

Now, There are no predictions regarding the public launch of the overall vehicle.

Source: Tec Mundo

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