Russia can achieve technological sovereignty in 10-20 years, Japan will expand sanctions against Russia, the government approved an increase in the reserve fund and other news in the context of a special operation in Ukraine, in the RB summary.

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Japan Expands Sanctions and Tech Sovereignty: Business Breaking News, June 27


  • Japan will extend sanctions against Russia to 70 natural persons and 90 legal entities, and will impose a ban on the importation of gold and the provision of a series of services.
  • Turkey does not impose sanctions against Russia, based on economic considerations, said the representative of the country's president, Ibrahim Kalin.


  • Russia can achieve technological sovereignty in 10-20 years. Dmitry Peskov, the presidential envoy for digitization, believes that during this period it is possible to form the "Diamond Fund of Technologies".
  • Mikhail Mishustin approved an increase in the government reserve fund of 1.6 billion rubles. The funds will be used to develop the economy in the face of sanctions.


  • The banks began to give new mortgages to replace the old ones, to whom they signed a contract at very high rates at the peak of the crisis. By removing the half-year requirement from issuance, they are fighting for long-term customers.


  • Hoteliers, citing a notable reduction in the occupancy of the facilities, ask the authorities to exempt them from taxes for additional services, including food, service in gyms, rental of conference rooms.
  • Several European manufacturers of equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, including Syntegon and GEA, began to refuse to supply spare parts to Russia, although they were not subject to Western sanctions.
  • The processors requested the return of the tax on the import of plastic products. According to them, the denial of rights has already caused damage to industry representatives for 7 billion rubles.


  • After Microsoft announced the suspension of official sales of the operating system (OS) in Russia, the number of requests to Google to install pirated versions of the operating system increased by 80-250%.


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