Mark Gurman reveals a lot of information about Apple’s plans for the Apple Watch.

After Marg Gurman revealed the information about the iPhone 14, she also revealed some interesting things about the next Apple Watch models. Specifically, we have Important news about Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE. Gurman pretty much revealed Apple’s plans for this year’s Apple Watch lineup.

Gurman isn’t saying we’ll see it on the Apple Watch Series 8. anticipated redesign with flat frames We’ve seen a lot in concepts, but there’s information about its processor. And that’s not exactly good news.

Apple Watch Series Concept

This could be the design of the Apple Watch Series 8

That’s what awaits us from the Apple Watch lineup at the end of the year.

According to information obtained from sources consulted by Mark Gurman, Apple Watch Series 8’s new S8 processor will basically be the same as the S7 This is even more relevant if we take into account that the current Apple Watch Series 7 uses it, but the S7 chip is the same as the Apple Watch Series 6’s S6. That is, Apple would use the same processor for 3 years. Although it turns out that we’re supposed to see a big change in Series 9.

For those who want a faster chip in this year’s Apple Watch, the S8 chip is said to have the same specs as the S7, which is the same as the S6. However, next year’s models are scheduled to receive an entirely new processor.

About her Apple Watch SE, Gurman senses an inner shift. It looks like this year we’ll be getting the next-gen cheap Apple Watch that will keep its current design but update it’s freshness. from the processor to the new S8 chip. An interesting change considering it now has the S5 chip.

The SE will stick to the current model’s screen size instead of switching to the larger Series 7 size, but it could get the same S8 chip as the Series 8, an upgrade from the S5 in the current SE, which launches in 2020.

apple watch

pesto apple watch flat design

Finally, speculation with Gurman What could Apple do with the Apple Watch Series 3?. It’s an outdated device as it hasn’t been updated to watchOS 9, although Apple continues to sell it.

The software update removes support for the Apple Watch Series 3, so I would expect this model to finally be discontinued in the fall. The current SE could slip into this Series 3 price point and the new SE could become the midrange option.

gourmand no mention of new sensors or new design in this year’s Apple Watch Series 8, but since there will be no internal changes at the processor level, some innovations of this style are expected this year. It also didn’t reveal anything about the default model for extreme sports that Apple is working with and may arrive in the future.

Source: i Padizate

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