The Ministry of Justice recognized Anastasia Tatulova, businesswoman and founder of the Anderson coffee chain, as a foreign agent. In November 2023, she sold the Anderson brand and assets to Vkusville.

The Ministry of Justice recognized the founder of the Anderson coffee chain, Anastasia Tatulova, as a foreign agent.


The Ministry of Justice expanded the list of foreign agents to include the founder of the Anderson coffee chain, Anastasia Tatulova.

In November 2023, Tatulova sold the brand and assets of her coffee shop chain to Vkusvill. It was reported that the agreement will allow the retailer to expand the group of consumers and the delivery channels for its brands’ products. The cost of the factory and brand of kitchens was estimated at 600-800 million rubles.

Anderson’s sale was preceded by a scandal: a week before the deal, Tatulova announced the start of a “large-scale operation” to expel her from the country. The businessman said that inspections began in Anderson establishments: in each cafe there are five “guardians of the law” who “intimidate employees” and “authority officials” exceed their powers and do not allow the cafe to operate.

In July 2020, Tatulova became an ombudsman in the field of small and medium-sized businesses. In April 2022, she drafted a letter of resignation from her duties as ombudsman. Tatulova made this decision because she did not agree with the State about what needed to be done, she was tired of how businessmen’s problems were solved and she faced pressures on her and her family.


Kirill Bilyk

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