AI washing presents a product or service as using more advanced AI than it actually is. Companies boast about benefits and opportunities that don’t exist. This is similar to companies making misleading claims about their environmental practices.

The article says that this phenomenon is facilitated by several factors.

  • Excitement around artificial intelligence It leads to exaggerated statements and the desire to have time to “bite off a piece of the cake.”

  • There is no clear definition of artificial intelligenceIt allows companies to call any automation “AI.”

  • A.I. companies are forced to showcase their capabilities, even if they are not at the cutting edge.

  • Marketing claims about artificial intelligence They are not regulated by any laws or standards, meaning companies have the freedom to overdo them.

How to recognize AI wash?

Be wary of companies that make vague claims about “artificial intelligence” or “machine learning” without specifics, do not provide technical details about how AI works in their products, do not independently test or verify AI claims, and do not independently test or verify AI claims. Have a qualified team of AI experts with expertise in the field.

Source: Ferra

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