The total solar eclipse that took place this Monday (08) caused a stir on the internet. Just like in the past, this event led to many events. Conspiracy theoriesSome are bizarre, ranging from the opening of space portals to the beginning of a “massive human sacrifice event.”

As stated by IFL ScienceSuch theories gained strength after United States officials warned locals that: stocking up on water, food and fuel. In some cities, there are also calls for school closures and warnings about the possibility of mobile network failure.

However, these warnings have nothing to do with the apocalyptic events supposedly associated with the solar eclipse. They were motivated by the presence of crowds expected to see this phenomenon in the best cities.Because many of them do not have the necessary infrastructure.

In addition to warnings, NASA will launch rocket to study solar eclipse Contributed to the spread of misinformation. The American space agency will indeed launch planes that can fly at high altitudes, but they will be used to record important data on solar activity.

10 weird theories about the total solar eclipse

We collected some of these The weirdest theories about the solar eclipse Shared on social media:

  1. CERN will use its particle accelerator to open space portals during the eclipse;
  2. The event will cause darkness on the planet for up to five days;
  3. NASA will launch three rockets to three moons in the middle of this event;
  4. The American government will take advantage of the darkness to launch poisonous gas balloons at strategic cities;
  5. The “elites” will use this phenomenon to impose new controls on the population;
  6. The eclipse will trigger a massive human sacrifice that will significantly reduce the US population;
  7. Darkness will pass through the seven cities called Nineveh, and this will be a sign of evil omen;
  8. The electricity grid will be shut down and communications will be blocked by the government, which will declare martial law;
  9. The rockets launched by NASA to study this phenomenon are part of a “sexual magic ritual”;
  10. The event is “fabricated” as the Sun and Moon will not be in alignment on April 8th.

There is no evidence to support these and other conspiracy theories about the 2024 total solar eclipseAs the verification team emphasized America Today.

Source: Tec Mundo

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