The rapidly growing list of accidents on US railroads over the past few months could be replenished at any moment. The reason for this is the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agent’s (SFMTA) system, which is different from a quarter of a century ago, playing on the basis of star disks.

This is the basis of a paradoxical situation, in the territory of Saint Francis, the so-called Silicon Valley, a unique IT technology that never reached the local transport worker.

According to SFMTA Chief Mariano Maguire, the poetry enforcement system was released in 1998, but its technology has not been released. In addition, 3.5-speed magnetic floppy disks are used instead. The system was opened in 25 hours, the official designation of “suitability” ended last year.

SFMTA Director Jeffrey Tumlin says the system is already working, but could suffer a “catastrophic failure” at any time. Fixing the current traffic control system would cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but it could take up to 10 to implement. years.

Source: Tech Cult

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