Last Tuesday (9) the Federal Police did this: Precautionary arrest of the suspect who carried out the biggest data leak in Brazil. The search warrant was executed in Feira de Santana in Bahia.

According to the Federal Police, the suspect was identified as Marcos Roberto Correia da Silva. He became known on the network as “VandaTheGod” and also became the author of the information leak. 223 million Brazilians in 2021.

Remember: It’s all about the data leak of 223 million Brazilians

Among the main information Marcos disclosed and sold:

  • CPF-related data (name, date of birth and address);
  • Addresses;
  • Head hits;
  • Credit score (an indicator of who pays well), income, bounced checks, and other financial information;
  • personal income tax;
  • Telephone service registration data;
  • Educational information;
  • Benefits of INSS;
  • Data regarding public officials;
  • LinkedIn information.

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The fact that the suspect arrested yesterday is dangerous is not something that has just emerged. Please take note of this, He was arrested in the Civil Police’s Operation Tampering in 2019. Meanwhile, Marcos was accused of occupying pages such as the Goiás Court of Justice, the Minas Gerais Civil Police, and the Minas Gerais Public Ministry.

A year after this arrest, Marcos became the target of Operation Exploit. On this occasion, he was named as the main suspect of invading the systems of the Supreme Electoral Court and also planning an attack on the Senate. The allegations also state that he shot a video after accessing the network. It shows the fragility of website security.

The Federal Police also reported that the suspect was kept under house arrest using an electronic ankle bracelet due to Operation Deepwater, which was launched in March 2021. However, It ruptured in November 2023, and Marcos had been on the run from authorities ever since.

Source: Tec Mundo

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