Those who think that it is not possible to innovate in the laptop world are wrong. show also in an ADSLZone videoLenovo Yoga Book 9i, among other things, dual screen included this assumes the device is completely different from anything you’ve seen so far.

With an impressive finish, quality is clearly appreciated, so it’s a second full screen (minimum 13.3 inches and 2.8K OLED type resolution) makes this device a different proposition than those currently on the market. As seen in the ADSLZone video in which You can see the Lenovo team first handWith this equipment, you can perform additional functions in the areas of creation and consumption of multimedia content, and even be much more productive, always depending on the location of the panels of this Lenovo.

Another thing that this new Lenovo Yoga Book 9i stands out for is what it has to do with the hardware. It does not lack a powerful processor – especially a Intel Core i7 thirteenth generation – accompanying 16GB RAM. And all this with scandalous dimensions due to its total thickness. A weight remaining at 15.95 millimeters and 1.38 kilograms. In other words, the production and design work is spectacular and as can be seen in the ADSLZone video, the possibilities for using a pen and using the integrated keyboard and carrying case are not lacking.

Great integration options on this Lenovo

As shown in the ADSLZone clip, there are additional benefits to this laptop that are totally innovative and can be a great solution for being more productive. For example, one of its screens can be used as an integrated keyboard and also to show continuous information of some applications such as the time or status of the computer itself. Also, because it does not deprive it of a very careful voice. integrates four speakers. This newly announced team is a genius.

Two screens of Lenovo Yoga Book 9i


If you’re curious about autonomy, the answer is simple: you’ll love it. This is because it contains 80Whr battery Charged via the USB type C port, the device seamlessly provides over eight hours of use, including continuous use of the two integrated displays. Additionally, as proven in ADSLZone, its connectivity is very good, which makes sense because it’s between the two. Other things offered in WiFi 6E.

A laptop that isn’t for everyone

This is accurately stated in ADSLZone due to the very good performance or design of the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i. the reason is that starting price 2,299 eurosSo no matter how you look at it, we’re talking about a laptop that can be considered special.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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