More and more users complain about health problems caused by Apple Vision Pro. Consumers state that Apple’s mixed reality glasses do not provide comfort in long-term use, leave marks on the face and cause neck pain.

One of the negative experiences comes from consumer Emily Olman, heard on the website Market Monitoring. The woman, who bought the device in February, noticed a purple mark on her cheeks within the first hour of using it due to the weight and pressure of the glasses.

“I couldn’t use it [o Apple Vision Pro] A lot happened in the first few weeks because the fit was wrong,” Olman said.

Olman isn’t the only one complaining about the discomfort: Market Monitoring It also heard from consumer Ian Beacraft, who complained of feeling pain at the base of his skull and upper back after a two-hour session. He believes that Apple Vision Pro is the cause of the symptoms.

Repeated complaints

Complaints about discomfort when using the Apple Vision Pro began to appear weeks after the device was released. Early buyers of the glasses were unhappy with the weight of the device, concentrated in the front. In addition, headphones can cause nausea and headaches in daily use.

Although the complaints are directed at the Apple Vision Pro, it is not the only device on the market that causes this type of problem. Other virtual reality headsets, such as the Meta Quest 2, have also disappointed consumers due to their excessive weight and uncomfortable nature for long sessions.

Despite this, complaints about Apple glasses attract attention, considering that the price of the device is at least US $ 3,499 (R $ 17,100). Definitely not a pleasant experience for such an expensive device.

Source: Tec Mundo

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