Google Photos is about to release the ability to use Magic Eraser to Any user can use it on their smartphone.. Many call this feature the best in the service, and also remember it as the first feature to integrate AI. Now, several years later, available only to Pixel users and Google One premium accounts, all signs point to the big G democratizes this function.

Magic Eraser was first introduced with the Pixel 6 back in Q3 2021. It took him a little time to become popular, since his work with artificial intelligence at that time was producing some results, and, as the name suggests, magical ones. . To this day he remains really good option to erase objects or people from photos.

Over the years, we have seen Google implement many improvements to Magic Eraser, but only a small number of users were able to enjoy it in the Google Photos app. Today the door to change is open.

Google Photos Magic Eraser will be available to everyone

After years of waiting, according to Android AuthorityGoogle Photos app is getting ready for launch this feature for all users on the planet. The clue comes from the application’s source code, which shows signs of the future. Mass availability of Magic Eraser.

Now the arrival of this feature on all mobile phones is not in the form that everyone expects. Google Photos is committed to making Magic Eraser free to use. but not unlimited. According to the above source, the code also shows that Users will be able to use this feature in a limited waywith a series of monthly uses.

It means, that there will be a counter use for all those who don’t have a Pixel or a Google One premium account. How many times it can be used is currently unknown. Of course the app shows that On the 1st of every month this counter is reset to zero..

So, the arrival of this feature is a bittersweet taste for regular users because while they will be able to use it once and for all, It won’t be in all the photos you want. Now Google has it in its hands Make this counter an advantage for your Photos app. or a very limited bait for finding new paying customers.

Source: Hiper Textual

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