On the weekend, for the first time this summer, I got out of the city closer to nature and water, since the weather was completely summer: in the afternoon the temperature reached 34 degrees Celsius!

In such weather, you can face some problems, ranging from a burnt nose to a non-working smartphone. I was lucky to feel all the insidiousness of the sun near Moscow, when on the beach my iPhone started to heat up insanely, slow down, and then disappear and turn off.

How is this prevention and what to do if your gadget is under the hot summer sun – I will tell below. These tips, based on my own experience, are universal and will be useful not only to owners of Apple devices, but also to any other devices.

How to avoid overheating iPhone in the heat

Avoid using your smartphone in direct sunlight during hot weather.

one. Does the following smartphone have a protective glass and a tight case? Get rid of one.

The iPhone case works like a heatsink, dissipating heat. The presence of such devices ensures the natural course of the process, which can lead to potential heating of the gadget.

2. You can’t see your smartphone in the car under the scorching sun.

Even if the gadget remains somewhere in a secluded pocket, the interior of the car turns into a natural oven in a matter of minutes. So it is best to find a place to park in the shade, and if this is not possible, do not use gadgets inside the car.

3. Do not get carried away with photo and video shooting under the sun.

These processes heavily load the stuffing of the smartphone, so try to reduce taking pictures and record shorter videos.

four. Don’t play in the heatheavy» mobile games.

These games include, for example, Genshin Impact and the new Diablo. It has been verified from personal experience – 10 minutes of jogging through dungeons at noon on the beach eats up to 35% of the iPhone 13 Pro Max battery and heats up the gadget itself to extreme temperatures.

5. If you happen to be on the beach, hide your smartphone deep in your backpack, or at least hide his clothes..

Irregular preventive maintenance of the state of the device. If it starts to heat up, unload applications that work in the sphere from memory, or even airplane mode can be activated in English to let the smartphone cool down.

What to do if iPhone overheats or turns off due to heat

If you are faced with the fact that the smartphone case has become abnormally hot, the first thing to do is lower the screen brightness, which is most likely automatically set to maximum.

Then put the gadget into airplane mode so that it stops frantically catching LTE and looking for Wi-Fi in your location.

Open the list of background apps by swiping from the bottom to the screen and close them all.

Remove the smartphone from the case, if any, and put it in the shade. Give it time to cool down. Do not store it in the refrigerator, in direct contact with the air conditioner, and do not leave service requests. Sudden changes in temperature can cause more harm than simple overheating.

For reference, from the official instructions: the iPhone is designed to operate at temperatures. from 0 to 35 °С (32 … 95 °F) and exposure at temperatures from -20 to 45 °C (-4 … +113 °F). When stored or used outside of this limit, iPhone’s temperature may turn off and battery life may be disabled.

Most importantly, rememberThe iPhone is smart enough to keep track of its temperature, and if it turns off at some point, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s just that the gadget went into a special “cooling” standby mode.

Of course, if this happens regularly during the hot season, the battery is unlikely to thank you. Most likely, its capacity will decrease, which means that its service life will be slightly reduced.

You, as the owner of an expensive gadget, better not to bring the situation to this. The tips that I wrote above will help you spend time on the beach without losing your nerves.

Oh, and put sunscreen on your nose, of course. And then it will burn 🙂

Source: Iphones RU

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