We continue to talk about interesting places in Moscow.

We put each point on a map, accompany it with a photo and at the same time tell useful tricks for editing photographic materials.


  • ▪ Location 1: Apple Technology Museum
    ▪ Location 2: Papa Vader Cafe Club with tabletops
    ▪ Location 3: Geektime Comic Anticafe
    ▪ Location 4: GAMMA Art Cluster
    ▪ How we edited photos (and videos)
    ▪ Map of Moscow (updated!)
    ▪ Continued here

Apple Technology Museum

🗺 Where: st. Skladochnaya, 2 3, building 3 1

Pavel Teleshevsky: The largest Apple technology museum in Russia is located across the railway from Flakon, as we wrote about in the first part. It opens several times a week for only a couple of hours, which advises seizing the moment when there is a chance.

After the labyrinth of a white corridor, the owner of the collection gathered you in a beautiful bright room with glass walls and a transparent ceiling.

Putting reminders before waiting for the best gate in the world, where the only devices ever made by man lined up on white tables.


You can touch everything, you can see everything. Near each one there are badges with the correct one and a QR code that leads to a brief history of the exhibit.

The oldest and working was the Apple IIc, released in 1984. But immediately included are the Macintosh Classic (1990), Power Macintosh (1994), the first iMac (1999), Power Mac G4 (2001) and laptops from the same era.


Probably walk from table to table and see 40 years of computer development in 2 hours.

As the screens ceased to flicker, became colorful and clear, the interface acquired functions, but retained its original data.


I advise everyone to go here at least once to see the living history of computing and find pleasant secrets like the only Apple game console or the first pair of iPhones with original firmware.

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❤️️ Why we do it with MTS

In short, because we needed a lot of stable and fast internet. Therefore, with them, on NETARIF.

We have already written about the modernization of the MTS network in Moscow and the Moscow region. The operator is updating the radio part equipment at the upper base stations and combining the frequencies of LTE frequencies, as well as improving coverage by building new ones. Enough to quickly download the captured photos and videos.

By the way, MTS was again recognized as the first in terms of average Internet speed and stable connection: according to measurements TelecomDaily, the average speed to the subscriber at MTS was 69 Mbps, from the subscriber – 31.2 Mbps, peak speed – 411.8 Mbps, the share of sessions at speeds less than 2.5 Mbps – lower than all other operations. Earlier, DMTEL published its research, in which MTS also leads in terms of average Internet speed – 63.51 Mbps.

This is important in our case. The material now contains 68 photos in above average resolution. We have already compressed them, but the page weight is still more than 28 megabytes. This is not a text download page for you!

It’s not just that.

All photos and videos taken on our iPhone 13 during the processing of the material, we uploaded to the cloud for collaboration. Virus is common and it is common without small 14 gigabytes.

Unloading such a volume of data seems like a death sentence. We had no such problems with MTS.

In one of the cafes (item 2 of the selection), for additional convenience, the entire archive was sent free of charge after “rough” processing and selection of the best results on available sites. There were about 6 gigabytes left, which went to a remote photo editor even before we paid and went home.

The high speed of mobile Internet, the stability and stability of the connection frees you from the very concept of searching for Wi-Fi. Why do you need it, when with such a connection “Wi-Fi” is always in your pocket?

Cafe-club “Papa Vader” with tabletops

🗺 Where: Bolshoi Zlatoustinskiy lane, 3/5, building 1 1

Mick Seed: themed cafe for geeks and fans of the Star Wars universe. Zvezda greets visitors with neon lighting in the corridor and a replica of the Death main control panel.

Further – more: in the institution you can find one of the tables in the niches of a long corridor in the style of a spaceship, at the end of which stands the character of the science fiction series “Babylon 5” in the naural essence.


In general, in every corner of the Papa Vader cafe you can find artifacts and references to the creation of franchises, the building from Warhammer, the end of Aliens.

Food prices are very democratic, and for large companies there is a wide selection of various “tables” that can be taken for free.

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Anticafe Geektime with comics

🗺 Where: Novoslobodskaya, 36/1

Pavel Teleshevsky: such places are considered niche places. They have a lot of board and console games and picture books. In the case of Geektime, there are a lot of them. Straight full. The shelves are breaking.

An event space with six themed rooms: Comic Room, Sheldon’s Lounge, Adventure Time Room and more. When they appear, they can be rented if you need to spend time on your birthday or work out with a tutor.


I’m not a fan of tables, but they like to drown in choice.

I was impressed by two other things: shockingly high-quality comic volumes and working retro consoles like the legendary Atari 2600 already in 1986.


There were also the original PlayStation, PS2 Slim and Wii with games for them. And literally in the next room you can play Cyberpunk 2077 on PlayStation 4 and plunge into VR!

This is probably the easiest way to experience the evolution of interactive entertainment in 35 years.

Let the repair in the surface is not perfect, but they do not come here for this. Fans of digging up references for drawings, fans of tables and fastidious gamers will come out of Geektime happiness.

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Art cluster “GAMMA”

🗺 Where: Malaya Semenovskaya 5, building 1 1

Nikita Goryainov: GAMMA is a very young place among common standards. It arose only 2 years ago on the site of a dye factory. The new inhabitants turned into an art space and occupied empty premises in the spirit of modern street culture and creativity.

Behind the doors of old warehouses and closing workers, absolutely modern stores and their trendy inhabitants, restoration and pottery workshops, tattoo studios and much more will be attached.

While I was snatching out one or the other frame from completely unexpected angles, I stumbled upon one of the walls with a mosaic with Comrade Lenin – apparently taken from the corridors of the factory. Two eras in one place!

You don’t need to enter to feel the spirit – a relatively small part of the territory is richly painted with dozens of graffiti, many of which can be safely cut out and framed like a picture in the interior.

Bright and completely different, but always modern drawings of different styles, and the authors contrast with the legacy of the Soviet factory and launch its conditions, even recently forgotten two turns from the metro Electrozavodskaya.

The passage here is absolutely free, no restrictions. I stayed here for a while and saw well, if not particularly interesting – so the place remains free for your exploration, smartphone camera forward.

And this is even more golden photos are not posted here, the place simply would not be captured. From there, you even come out a little tired, because overload comes from the contrasts and the number of drawings. I recommend.


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How we edited photos (and videos)

We shoot everything at the usual level. Then, on the way from point to point, we select the best pictures, adding them to Favorites. This is automatically transferred to the album of the same name. Then, in our free time, we edit them in the built-in editor.

Against this background, the framing and waiting tools are used. On iOS, they are very convenient: the overlay can be straightened not only horizontally, but also trim the image along the planes in just a couple of seconds. Almost all the pictures in the article were somehow directed in perspective.

Compare before and after effects

Since we are filming iphone 13 pro and Pro Max, was required to their features. These iPhone models (and the Smart HDR algorithm in them) emphasize the shadows in the photo more, which is good for social networks, but not always ideal – for example, in our case, when the site has a white background.

Therefore, in most cases in the article the shadows are highlighted, perhaps when it would be logical to go back according to the content of the frame. Saturation has also been increased, especially in photos in ProRAW mode.

After a rough collection and selection of the best specimens, we throw them into the cloud. Then the editor remotely “finished off” them on the MacBook. This is a necessary step, not only because mass resizing and compression on iOS platforms is more inconvenient than on macOS. It’s about color correction.

The same photo on the iPhone screen (especially taken in HDR mode) and on the screen of other devices is greatly changed. A smartphone can produce more brightness than the vast majority of computers. As a result, you “pull up” the photo, on the iPhone the result turned out to be superb, and for some reason it is illuminated on other devices.

We cut the video in the built-in iOS editor, and then compressed it directly from the device using the free Xconvert web service. A file of 20, and sometimes 100 megabytes turns into 2-3 megabytes, which is extremely important for facilitating the loading of the article page.

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Moscow map (updated regularly)

Every interesting place or graffiti has a story. Each of their photos has a geolocation. We decided to collect places in an interactive map that allowed us to see what cases we had already visited – and gathered ourselves to see everything with our own eyes.

Even if you do not live in Moscow, an interactive map will help you find out exactly where we have been and filmed a photo and video.

The final is coming soon (spoiler: unusual!)

The first thing Moscow surprises everyone with is the way transport works here. Features of the metro and the MCC in particular, without which it is impossible to imagine the capital.

We decided to find the purpose of finding places with the most advanced modes of transport. Muscovites can mutter, they say, “what’s wrong with the MCC”, but in fact there are, well, a lot Total! I don’t think so either, but then it seemed to me…

Therefore, all this will soon be possible – and at the same time we will write at which stations it will be ideal to be delivered in order to see interesting places and jump back. Such a trip actually turns out, only the railway road.

Waiting for you while the train leaves 😉

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