Blackview, a Chinese smart device maker focused on rugged lifestyles, is known for its rugged smartphones equipped with night vision and thermal imaging cameras, which are different from Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi smartphones.

For decades, Blackview has focused on problem solving and reliable smart devices that can protect its users, and embodies the idea that people “enjoy smart life”. It features smartphones for outdoor adventurers, regular smartphones to enhance work or entertainment experiences, dedicated tablets for better study and performance for seniors, kids, and office workers, as well as smart watches and headphones.

According to the latest news, Blackview, as the top selling seller on Aliexpress, is taking part in the mid-year shopping craze by launching the 618 shopping list, which offers deep discounts up to $264 and covers the hottest items.

Holding the 618 Mega Sale from June 27 to July 1, Blackview AliExpress will offer the following deals:

  • Blackview BL8800 Pro
  • Blackview BL8800
  • Blackview BV8800
  • Blackview BV6600 Pro
  • Blackview BV6600
  • Blackview A95
  • Blackview Tab 11
  • BlackView Tab 12

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Source: IXBT

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