A. Windows 11 Start menu is slow This software, installed on his high-end computer, angered a former senior Microsoft software engineer. In a post published on X on Tuesday (9), Andy Young spared no criticism of the performance of the function in the latest version of the operating system, classifying it as “comically bad”.

Determined to attract the attention of the former contractor, who worked for the Redmond giant for 13 years, the expert shared a video showing the difficulty of using the resource. In the post, he claims to use PC with Intel Core i9 processor and 128 GB RAM, valued at $1,600It is equivalent to R$ 8,145 at the current price.

After addressing the machine’s configuration, Young asked, after receiving comments from others with similar problems, “What’s going on in Redmond?” asked. The former Microsoft employee later explained: Worked on Windows development and therefore doesn’t hate the software.

He also said the following in the order of the messages: Looks like Windows 11 isn’t complete That’s why you’re having problems with the Start menu and elsewhere. “If the data shows that the software you created is disappointing a significant percentage of users, that means there is still work to be done,” he concluded.

Expert explains the causes of the problem

Andy Young’s complaints eventually reached the tech giant. According to TechRadar, Engineer Jen Gentleman from the Windows engineering team approached the former employeeHe gave her some explanations about the slowness of the start menu.

The problem may be with the Windows search integrated into the menu. In the engineer’s case, the source started searching online and locally at the time of writing, but he may have encountered difficulty connecting to the network, which may have caused the slowness recorded in the video.

Again, according to the publication, These types of issues are more common in beta versions of Windows 11, because they are being developed at the same time as they are made available to testers. Therefore, slowdowns and other unpredictable behavior can be expected.

Source: Tec Mundo

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