Premiere Proprofessional video editing software from Adobegetting ready to use more tools based on generative artificial intelligence. Its developers have announced that this year the software will introduce new features, complemented by a new model that will become part of the Firefly catalog.

The most important new features in Premiere Pro will be adding and removing objectsAnd “generative expansion”. As their names suggest, the first two will use artificial intelligence to add or remove elements that appear in videos as needed.

Meanwhile, the “generative extension” is a tool with shades similar to what we’ve already seen in Photoshop from Adobe Firefly. Premiere Pro users will be able to quickly expand a scene without the need for additional visual effects. Adobe says that by allowing the addition of AI-generated frames, it will be easier to add transitions or make more precise cuts during editing.

It’s worth noting that while Adobe plans to use its own AI from the Firefly family for these tools, it’s also looking to integrate third party models such as Pika Labs or OpenAI. Once available, editors will be able to choose which technology to use to complete a task. This way they can enter tips Convert text to video directly from the Premiere Pro interface.

During the announcement of the new Premiere Pro tools, Adobe briefly showed how they work. So, for example, we were able to observe a scene in which a sort of briefcase with diamonds appeared, and how, thanks to generative artificial intelligence, we could select these diamonds and tell the program to create more. Or how you could remove unwanted items by simply selecting them—a feature similar to Google Photos’ Magic Eraser.

Adobe has not yet clarified the situation. When will they arrive These features are powered by artificial intelligence in Premiere Pro. The company only mentioned that they will be implemented in software this year, but did not provide more detailed information about this.

Adobe Premiere Pro will add AI-powered audio tools

Adobe Premiere Pro |  Adobe Premiere Pro will add AI-powered audio tools

Another important announcement from Adobe regarding the arrival of generative AI in Premiere Pro was related to Audio. While the company already announced several of these tools at the beginning of the year, there is no word on when they will become available.

According to the developers, we won’t have to wait long. Premiere Pro AI-powered audio tools will be presented in May. So, starting next month, you’ll be able to access numerous features designed to improve the quality of your editors’ workflow.

Using generative artificial intelligence, Premiere Pro will be able to automatically tag audio in videos. This will make it easier to determine whether clips contain music, ambient noise, dialogue, or sound effects. There will also be new effect icons and a redesign of the audio shapes in the timeline, including new colors and smart resizing.

Starting in May, Premiere Pro will also offer one-click access to audio tools. The same will happen with the more intuitive visual controls for the fade tool. Apparently this year Adobe Big plans for your professional video editing software, with the intention of harnessing Firefly’s full potential. We will closely monitor the news.

Source: Hiper Textual

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