The appearance of bank cards has again become relevant – they again “shine” in our hands, at the terminals. Therefore, now I notice that many have boring cards.

Bank logo, solid color and that’s it. Or even a “standard” design, familiar by heart to every bank. Sadly.

It seems that only Tinkoff is trying. Previously, they made, in my opinion, the most beautiful maps of the World with Khokhloma. Yes, and inspection of the “debit card”, Tinkoff Black, looks like it almost belongs to the Platinum-plastic caste.

A couple of days ago they went further: they launched limited edition cards in painting design Tretyakov beauty. Look at them and then order for free and with benefit service forever.

The main thing is to be in time, because such an option will be available only until October 16.

What are the new designs of Tinkoff Black

Tretyakov Gallery know? That’s right, timeless art.

So, now you can carry this art with you, right on your bank card.

I advised Tinkoff to send “samples” of new designs to take pictures for you and help you choose. Like:

🖼 Valentin Serov, “girl with peaches» 👇

🖼 Ivan Shishkin, “Morning in a pine forest» 👇

🖼 Viktor Vasnetsov, “Bogatyrs» 👇

🖼 Viktor Vasnetsov, “Alyonushka» 👇

🖼 Mikhail Vrubel, “Demon sitting» 👇

Vote with your heart:

Which one did you like more?
  • girl with peaches

  • Morning in a pine forest

  • Bogatyrs

  • Alyonushka

  • Demon sitting

eight% girl with peaches

39% Morning in a pine forest

19% Bogatyrs

3% Alyonushka

31% Demon sitting

82 voted

If you suddenly have questions about why order a Tinkoff Black card at all, I can recommend my review after 6 years. Or 7 years later.

Topic, who are too lazy to click on links, briefly lead pros. And this is not all.

1️⃣ Free maintenance forever

I did not immediately understand what the relation Tretyakov gallery and her paintings for this Tinkoff promotion. And then I realized…

These paintings are eternal, and therefore they are entitled to eternal free maintenance. Yes, instead of 99 rubles a month it will be exactly nothing and in return you will receive the entire package of services and the possibilities of both maps and applications, and the service itself Tinkoff.

To participate in stock taking into account the service, you must become a new client of the bank, or close the card before September 1 of this year. So I, who have already exchanged for the seventh year with their card, once again “fly” with such a chip. Even so, it’s not at all a pity to answer “Tinka” every month – which in itself, he believes, speaks volumes. Moreover, there have not yet been months when the commission did not fight back thanks to cashback.

Existing bank customers order a limited card as an additional one, it costs 500 rubles.

2️⃣ 1% cashback on all purchases is back, and special offers are on 👍

Just like the Terminator, legendary 1% cashback on any purchases returned in September 2022. And immediately life became fun.

Yes, 1% can be the results of a very small amount, all this is true. But we multiply the interest by annual expenses and get tangible amounts, if not tens of thousands of rubles, returned by the bank simply because you pay for purchases with a Tinkoff Black card.

For example, this month I will drip 583 rubles exclusively on the returned one percent cashback. And then it will not less than 2000 rubles. Why is that?

The point is in special offers for which you can get an increased cashback. The other day I bought AirPods Pro 2nd generation through Yandex.Market and I will receive 7% cashback for this, 1800 rubles, to my account. Such a promotion is valid until October 25, and more than 200 other “specialists” can be viewed at any time in the Tinkoff proprietary application.

3️⃣ Cash in any banks without commission

A beautiful card is good, but sometimes you need cash. You can withdraw it for free at any ATM, there is no commission for withdrawal.

To be honest, I still try to go to the Tinkoff ATM, because they are all modern, clean, new and – most importantly – they work very quickly. But it’s nice to know that in any situation you can raise the “cash” from the first pot that hits.

4️⃣ The best bank app, IMHO

95% of all financial transactions, from transfer to a card to payment of taxes for real estate, I make purchases through the Tinkoff app. This has long been turned into a reflex, and the process of translation into muscle memory.

Constantly updated, fast and ultra-functional application of Tinkoff Bank for years give an example all-energy. I won’t lie if I say that because of him, I still didn’t even think about switching to some other card of any other Russian bank.

Transfers, payments for the Internet, telephone, utilities, fines and taxes, table reservations, air tickets, and more recently, ordering groceries. This is approximately, I don’t know, 20 percent of the program’s capabilities. “Superapp”, in short. Costs at a glance, by category. And the latest news on the main page in the “Stories” block.

Almost any financial issue is here and I advise everyone.

5️⃣ They will bring the card wherever it is, for free

Where the cards were ordered, they will bring them there. I ordered for myself at home, at work, in a cafe, even called the metro to the station, in the direction of travel, on very busy days. And they won’t charge you anything for it.

The process of obtaining a card takes only a few minutes and only a passport.

Gotta get it while it’s available

Only two weeks leftto get such a card, also with eternal service. Until October 16th only. By the way, these designs will also be in the Tinkoff app.

🎨 Order limited Tinkoff Black + Tretyakov gallery

Get with the card free service instead of 99 rubles per month. Due to the absence of a commission on shares, in five years you can save at least 5,000 rubles, not to mention cashback or interest on the amount. I always get a plus with Tink. This may be the result of a hackneyed “stamp”, but mathematics implements it.

PS Even if you have a Tinkoff card, you can order a new one in the design of Tretyakov Gallery paintings as a duplicate of the main Black. It will cost 500 rubles. Dopka yourself “Peach Girls” I’ll take it, I liked it the most.

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