Enter a query into a search engine “the best places to visit in Moscow”after such familiar places as the Kremlin, Red Square and Zaryadye Park, closer to 10th place will be “Kremlin in Izmailovo”. What, in general, is a word as strong as “Kremlin” in a district as far from the center of Moscow as Izmailovo?

Is it worth spending energy, time and at least one metro ticket in this Kremlin? By the way, you can also get to the MCC, conveniently!

It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the metro, through a friendly system of some high-rise hotels and parking garages.

With these hotels, there is a strong feeling of association with the 90’s, and this feeling gets stronger and stronger with each step.

From a distance, the architecture looks beautiful and harmonious, like Russian architecture. But as you get closer, you start to feel the trick.

It looks beautiful, but the huge inscriptions look weird in size.

A kind of incomprehensible red cardboard or metal bus. Why is he standing here? What is your function? Attract tourism?

The central entrance seems beautiful to me, the main thing is not to pay attention to the details…

You come across a huge parking lot that has a completely open market in the style of “Luzhniki 90s”.

The market in the middle of high-rise buildings produces an oppressive feeling.

It looks beautiful, but somehow clumsy and clumsy, there is no general sense of style and taste. As if it was created by different people, although it probably is.

Yes, the tower is beautiful, but this inscription about the “market” spoils everything, why is it here? With inscriptions on this Kremlin, of course, a complete disaster.

Well, let’s go inside.

There are beautiful wooden buildings, of course, if you don’t look closely at the details around them.

Yes, sometimes it seems wow! But these stalls from the 90s… it’s complete garbage.

I would like to scream with the phrase “Antibiotic” and the movie “Gangster Petersburg”: “WHAT’S GOING ON?!”

All these shawarma, dumplings and other kikimoras, why are they here???

I understand that you need to earn money, but damn it, I came to visit a beautiful architectural place, and not the Luzhniki market.

Still it’s good that it was Monday, there were few people.

Even deserted.

But what is happening here on Saturday or Sunday, I do not even want to imagine.

Bear’s VIP cafe is probably in demand.

The eye wants to find something beautiful and worthy.

And even find.

There are beautiful details.

But it is worth looking up or to the side.

Once again, these awkward and ugly signs. The Kremlin in Izmailovo – for now, I will remind you, I will visit you again – no.

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Having entered the query “the best places to visit in Moscow” in the search engine, after the usual places such as the Kremlin, Red Square and Zaryadye Park, closer to the tenth place will be “Kremlin in Izmailovo”. What it is…

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