There are 57 active muscles and up to 4000 sensitive points on the face. And every time they get tired, they need visual stimulation so that the woman’s blood is elastic and her facial expressions are constantly active.

It would be nice to do a facial massage twice every two weeks, but you don’t always have the time and money for this. And how many times a day do you instinctively knead your cheekbones, eyes and forehead?

Thanks to technology, there is an inexpensive way to solve the problem.

Compact facial massagers HELST XME-100 And HELST XME-200 relieve eye strain after a long day of work, study or household chores. Both gadgets have a pleasant burn, massage fingers and different operating modes.

The difference is that HELST HME-100 is cheaper and completely covers your eyes, while HELST HME-200 has holes, so you can even use it while working!

In addition, they are compact, so you can always take them with you.

Vibration masks have a convenient full range of features:

  • Heated from 38°C to 42°C
  • Doing acupressure
  • Pay attention to the temples
  • Support up to 4 operating modes
  • Work wirelessly
  • Silent
  • There is a version with eye holes
  • Built-in timer for 10 minutes.
  • According to the method of operation, HELST HME-100 and HELST HME-200 are the same: it is a gray mask with a soft silicone coating on the inside, which is turned on with a latch.

    The device is attached to the face using a fabric strap and works wirelessly. Comfortable.

    The mounting models and designs differ, let’s take a closer look.

    There are two masks. The second has more modes and eye holes


    HELST HME-100 with vibration pads and without eye holes

    HELST XME-100 Made of “underbed” material on the outside, there is one control button, there are 10 vibration pads and there are no holes for the eyes. Supports 3 modes of different intermittency and power.

    For convenience, there are LED indicators; the HELST HME-100 has green lights on the sides of the power button.

    Vibrating mechanisms are installed in each massage element. This allows them to move independently of each other, and thanks to this, the HELST HME-100 has three operating modes.


    HELST HME-200 with vibration pads and eye holes

    HELST XME-200, in turn, unexpectedly resembles a casing on the outside, the gray color is darker, it turns on and changes massage modes using one key, and two heating levels are controlled through another. There are already 12 vibration pads, plus there are laces under the eyes with silicone inserts.

    The LEDs on the HELST HME-200 light up the power and heating buttons themselves.

    Vibrating mechanisms are also installed in each massage element. Unlike HELST HME-100, HELST HME-200 already has four massage modes.

    Both masks provide unexpected sensations. Thanks to the different dimensions and movement not only to the sides, but also up and down, a real sensation is realized when the face is massaged by the fingers.

    For example, there is a mode where each element moves in a circle, but is activated when moving forward. It turns out to be a looped method that covers the entire face, but at the same time, the artist looks at only one area at a time.

    Another mode activates all the vibration pads at once, but they work with movements from the inside, like a real massage therapist.

    3D vibrations and heating replace a real massage therapist

    In the HELST HME-100 mask, large elements on the sides are heated.

    The silicone material, along with the heat, makes the “touch” soft and soft, which reduces immersion.

    Heating of models in different places. The HELST HME-100 without doors will have a warm zone on the sides of the eyes, and the HELST HME-200 will heat the area under the lower eyelids.

    The main goal is to enhance the transformation and thereby make the skin more elastic. This makes circulation in the blood vessels more difficult, making the face more ruddy, so those around you immediately notice a more rested look.

    Small elements heat up in the HELST HME-200 mask

    The temperature depends on the mode and varies from 38°C to 42°C.

    Of all the elements, only the heating elements do not move.

    There is no need to measure the session time; to do this, set the timer in both masks for 10 minutes.

    The vibration masks are charged via the USB‑C port located next to the power button. The kit includes a wire for this, but it does not block the power. If desired, you can charge it from a computer. Great power is not required here.

    Inexpensive and cool gift idea

    Due to the fact that the masks are compact, you can take them anywhere: on a trip, on the road, and even to the office.

    Available with eye holes HELST XME-200 you can even work and study, read and watch without shooting hardware films. It turns out there are a lot of other manifestations.

    A more affordable option HELST XME-100 tirelessly is also good. Having almost the same function (heating, modes, independent vibrators), it costs a third less and allows you to lie down for 10 minutes, relax and not think about anything. Take one for yourself and enjoy it after a busy day.

    It’s also a great idea as a gift. It’s technologically advanced, doesn’t hurt your pocket and will make a person happy one hundred percent. Who else has been bothered by warm touches? Save to make it nice ❤️

    ▶︎ Buy facial massagers HELST HME-100 and HELST HME-200: from 2710 rubles.

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