The top manager beat us with Nelson Minister of markings, frameworks, differences, knowledge and technology that signs the contract. According to him, the Japanese cosmetics company (JAXA) will provide America with a fully functional vehicle for exploring the lunar surface. On the other hand, the Artemis VII mission will be launched in 2031. In return, NASA agreed to the participation of Japanese astronauts in the joint development of satellite communications.

Technical implementation of the project by Toyota. This is a new type of transport, almost unfinished I called it “a lunar house on wheels.” The key idea is that inside it there are spacesuits, and not only to move around the Moon, but also to live fully and be a slave. Don’t wait until 30 days. The device is divided into 10 hours, according to the days of exploration of the southern part of the Moon.

Lunokhod Toyota

The vehicle has dimensions of 6.0 x 5.2 x 3.8 m, the equipment is supported by two wings, and the range is stated to be 10 thousand km. Interesting overview – water reserves and fuel cells are recovered by recycling wastewater. There is also a massive solar panel on the port in case there is no power consumption. Making machines is a very practical task involving a variety of experiments, including growing live crops.

The Japanese cosmopolitan agent and NASA are striving together, for example, for the Moon, since it is expensive to attract it to themselves. alone.

Source: Tech Cult

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