MegaFon has upgraded its voice assistant Elena, who communicates with the company’s clients.

It now uses SaluteSpeech speech technologies, which has increased speech accuracy to 95% and speed by 20%. Taking into account noise, images in pronunciation and accent, this indicator turned out to be close to human cognitive abilities.

Using the new system, the robot can control beats, intonations, tempo, semantic accents and emotional coloring of information. Tests show that customer loyalty now increases by 3.5 percentage points.

We are very pleased that MegaFon subscribers already appreciated the positive changes in communication with Elena in the first weeks after the development of SaluteSpeech technologies. But we do not recommend stopping there; I am sure that the implemented project is only the beginning of our technological partnership with MegaFon. The SaluteSpeech platform is a reliable basis for long-term development of services based on the most modern developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

The solution is constantly developing and providing more and more new opportunities to the business. For example, it is already possible to assess emotions during a dialogue, track the level of customer satisfaction and identify many other speech characteristics in order to improve the level of customer service.

– Denis Filippov, CEO of SberDevices

Elena has been communicating with clients and contacting the MegaFon Contact Center since 2014. She can answer almost all questions, on-site service, calculations, connecting and disconnecting services, as well as providing reference information.

The SaluteSpeech model was additionally trained to match the operator’s vocabulary. In addition, Elena received a unique voice from the SaluteSpeech YourVoice catalog, which is now exclusive to her.

Source: Iphones RU

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