The Supervisory Board of Sberbank made a recommendation to pay dividends in the amount of 25 rubles per share. At current prices, the dividend yield exceeds 13%.

Sberbank Supervisory Board recommends paying record dividends to shareholders

In total, the bank will pay 565 billion rubles, which is a record amount.

Against the background of this announcement, Sberbank’s ordinary shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange rose by 8.37% in a few minutes to 190.06 at 14:03 Moscow time. Preferred shares added 7.42% to 187 rubles.

At the peak, the cost of ordinary shares rose to 193.66 rubles (an increase of 10.4%), prefs – up to 193.64 rubles (11.28%).

Taking into account that the state owns 50% plus one share of Sberbank, 282.5 billion rubles will go to the budget as part of the dividend payment.

The previous record for the size of Sberbank’s dividends was recorded at the end of 2019: then the bank allocated 422.4 billion rubles to shareholders, or 18.7 rubles per common and preferred share. The bank repeated this record by paying dividends for 2020 – 422.4 billion rubles.

Last year, the bank decided to refuse to pay dividends against the background of the Bank of Russia’s recommendations.


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Source: RB

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