The Canadian company GEEP, which recycles equipment developed by Apple, disposed of 100,000 working iPhones in China instead of recycling them. Apple initially filed a lawsuit against GEEP, but is now backing out of court.

Apple accepts customers’ old devices for trade-in and then sends them for recycling. Many of these devices remain in full working order and can be formatted and resold.

But Apple decided to recycle all gadgets, and for this it entered into a contract with the Canadian company GEEP. Over the two years of its operation, Apple sent GEEP 530 thousand iPhones, 25 thousand iPads and 19 thousand Apple Watches.

Apple later conducted an investigation and admitted that 99,975 working iPhones were sent to China for resale.

In 2020, Apple sued GEEP for breach of contract, but nothing has happened since then. The case will automatically continue in January next year unless Apple intervenes.

Presumably, Apple decided to hold off to avoid public recognition that it was using a suitable device. This goes against Apple’s environmental principles. The company is also afraid of accusations that it specifically uses working iPhones so that they do not interfere with sales of new ones.

Apple said its policy has changed since 2020. The company produces products that are frequently used by manufacturers. [9to5Mac]

Source: Iphones RU

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