New free productive AI assistant Meta AI is available on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and MessengerAs Big Tech announced today (18). The tool has the ability to answer questions, suggest tours, create images with textual descriptions, and much more.

The chatbot is based on Meta Llama 3, the latest language model of the company led by Mark Zuckerberg. “The smartest artificial intelligence assistant you can use for free”As the manager stated in a statement.

This feature, integrated into the search box of the platforms, Planning a group trip in Messenger chatFor example, as the technology giant explained. In this case, it searches for the cheapest flights and quietest weekends and displays the information without leaving the app.

Meta AI is also available in the Facebook feed, helping answer questions about something seen in a post, and has a web version that can be accessed from any browser. The vehicle is also solve math problems and write a business emailAmong other things, it allows you to save interactions for future reference.

Creating images and GIFs

Creating visuals from text prompts is another task handled by Meta’s new generative AI assistant. According to the company, Photos are created using the Imagine feature Thanks to Llama 3, it quickly reaches WhatsApp and the chatbot website in beta mode.

While the tool is still capable of creating animations, the images are also clearer and with better resolution. convert photos to GIFs. These and other features will be available for free on major technology platforms as well as Ray-Ban Meta and Meta Quest smart glasses.

ChatGPT and its Gemini rival can also be accessed via browser.

The free Meta AI is first available in English for users in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Nigeria, South Africa, and Pakistan, among other countries. There is no information yet on when the smart assistant will come to Brazil.

Source: Tec Mundo

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