Researchers from Linköping University have created a new rial, which they call “golden”. This two-dimensional form can only be used in atoms. In many ways it resembles graphene, but the first experiments suggest that golden is becoming much more interesting than it.

The transition to a two-dimensional form opens up new properties of familiar material substances. In the case of an atom, they are not used in connection, and therefore the substance interacts extremely actively with the environment. This prevents gold from being an effective catalyst, intermediate, etc. It also perfectly replaces with gold in electronic comonelin metal.

Other golden properties of science are yet to be discovered. Don’t forget this because you need to do it. Only the topic is the same as the atom “sticking” in the form of a medicine, and gold is hardly possible in nature. I had to rrrr rr mitiet m heat until the gold atoms replaced the silicon atoms in the surface soybean.

This is the gold in this design, they were Murak jets. This is exactly what happened with Japanese tools for etching aluminum from alloys. It was necessary to wait about two months before the seekers found the first gold, and then with the help of VES peahens. Now scientists intend to test whether it is possible to obtain two-dimensional forms, there are metal weapons, and there are and will be There is.

Source: Tech Cult

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