The Wildberries marketplace has introduced changes to its offering for sellers. According to one of the innovations, the site now has the right to sell the seller’s goods to repay the debt for his services.

Wildberries will be able to independently sell products from debtor sellers

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As the company’s press service clarified for the Telegram channel “AUREK News”, the change applies to sellers with outstanding debts for five weeks, whose goods are stored in the Wildberries warehouse and their turnover exceeds 120 days year.

Marketplace reports that such sellers represent no more than 1% of the total number. In addition, the seller receives a notice of the need to pay off the debt within 10 business days.

At the same time, Wildberries can independently set a discount on the product. As the press service explains, the seller will be able to change the price to the original price or issue a return of the goods from the warehouse.

Previously, Wildberries announced that it would introduce mandatory authorization for buyers through “Government Services” when placing an order from China and Uzbekistan. Additionally, platform customers are required to make an advance payment when purchasing goods abroad.

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Akhmed Sadulayev

Source: RB

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