Today (23) Last day of Amazon App DayAn irresistible opportunity to shop with special discounts on the retailer’s app.

Knowing this, we have prepared a special curation with offers from the action. Board, card and puzzle games that you will enjoy, Up to 55% off and free shipping for Prime Members.

And the advantages don’t end there! In addition to discounts, you can also give a warranty R$20 off your first in-app purchaseFor amounts over R$50.

Below, check out a variety of options to have fun with friends and family while spending very little on Amazon App Day:

  • Postcards from the World: Japan – Fujiyoshida puzzle, 500 pieces $26,99
  • Edvard Munch: The Scream puzzle, 500 pieces $21,90
  • Disney 100 Years Puzzle: Magical Moments, 500 pieces R$ 31.50
  • Artificial Intelligence Puzzle: Neon Jaguar, 500 pieces $17,90
  • Postcards from the World: Italy – Tuscany puzzle, 500 pieces $21,90
  • Vincent Van Gogh Puzzle: Portrait and Sunflowers, 2,000 pieces price R$ 72.90
  • Big Ben puzzle, 1,000 pieces R$ 46.90
  • Tokyo Neon puzzle, 1,000 pieces R$ 49.90
  • Amsterdam puzzle 500 pieces $33,90
  • Postcards from the World: Spain – Barcelona puzzle, 500 pieces $19,90
  • Sandro Botticelli puzzle – The Birth of Venus, 1000 pieces $47,79
  • Coup Game by Grok Games $78,90
  • Game Number 5, Stars 58.90 R$
  • Monopoly game by Hasbro Gaming $89,99
  • Crazy Pizzeria, Grow game $45,90
  • Pula Monkey, Estrela game for R$42.90
  • Bandido game, PaperGames for R$ 44.90
  • Say My Name, BURÓ game for R$ 130.90
  • The Dany Game: Phil Vizcarro x Antoine Baillargeau, BURÓ $126,65
  • Rima Game, Enlarge for R$ 56.90
  • LIG 4 game, Star by $46,73
  • Game Guess Correct, Enlarge $54,90
  • Vira Letras, Estrela game for R$ 49.90
  • Taco Hat Cake Gift Pizza, PaperGames Game $49,90
  • Game Cai Não Cai, Star $62,94
  • Game Profile Express: by Harry Potter $39,90
  • Hellas & Elysium expansion for the Terraforming Mars game $105,17
  • Operando game, Hasbro Gaming for R$ 119.69
  • Super Monopoly Game, Estrela 159,90 R$
  • Picture and Action Game 1, Enlarge Price 74,50 R$
  • Ride Ticket: Europe, Galapagos match R$ 319.90
  • Game Bok Friends by Buró Games $73,90
  • FDP Game: 3rd Goal, BURÓ for R$ 32.90
  • FDP Game: BURÓ was made on purpose $165,90
  • Triple play, PaperGames for R$50.90
  • Saboteur game, PaperGames for R$ 75.90
  • ColorFox game, PaperGames R$ 73.90
  • Between the Lines Game, PaperGames for R$ 78.90
  • Taco Gato Goat Cheese Pizza game: vice versa for R$ 49.90
  • Quitanda game, PaperGames for R$ 20.90
  • Breeding game, Meeple BR for R$ 75.90
  • Game What What, PaperGames for R$ 20.90
  • Similo Contos, Grok game for R$ 44.90
  • Classic Jenga game, Hasbro Gaming for R$ 84.98
  • Dig In Game: Find It If You Can, Copag by $95,90
  • Lynx Alphabet Game, Zoom $37,90
  • DOS Refresh Metal Box, Mattel Games for R$69.99
  • UNO The Mandalorian $27,99
  • Knock Knock! Dungeon!, PaperGames for R$ 47.90
  • Applied Detective Game, Star 75,90 R$
  • Game Me…?, With a star $47,99
  • Game Block, Grow for R$ 55.00

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Opportunities you can benefit from on the Amazon app, with products in different categories, at surprising prices!

Don’t waste your time! Download the Amazon app now and Take advantage of the last few hours of App Day to secure your discounted purchases.

Source: Tec Mundo

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