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Take advantage of AliExpress Plaza Days where you will find real discounts


If there is a page where everyone is always looking for the best deals for a huge variety of products, where we will find everything we are looking for and with quality both when we buy and when we have already purchased the product, that is aliexpress.

The foundation of this website has always been to offer users the best prices and quality customer service so that they are always happy with their purchase.

If AliExpress already has very good prices, this will all be upped now as they celebrate Square Days. from 11 to 14 July 2022.

Famous brands Xiaomi, Teclast or Redmiamong other things, will have really important discounts, putting the final price in some values ​​that cannot escape us because we do not know when we will see such offers next.

We can count on discount up to 50% in first-class technological products. But not only that, but everything we buy these Plaza Days It will arrive at our home in the period from 3 to 12 days..


If what we tell you is not enough, we can also use a series of promo codes to make everything we buy even cheaper.

If the prices of the products themselves are very low, we will have to add discounts of the following codes:

  • Code PLAZA202: €2 discount with a minimum purchase of €20.
  • Code PLAZA506: €6 discount with a minimum purchase of €50.
  • Code PLAZA8010: €10 discount with a minimum purchase of €100.

These codes will apply to all orders that ship to Spainso you have one more reason to buy the item you wanted so much cheaper thanks to AliExpress Plaza Days.

It’s best to give a few examples for this type of thing, so let’s take a look at some of the extremely interesting deals on technology products that we can get in these days of discounts that AliExpress is offering us.


Plaza Days: technology at big discounts

Offers are the basis of Plaza Days where we are going to find many technological devices with much lower prices than usual, making them more accessible to all audiences.

One such example is television. Xiaomi TV Mi P1 from 43 inches 4K resolutionAndroid TV as operating system, Bluetooth 5.0 and Dolby Audio, bringing its price down to 259 euros.

this is a smart tv practically no borders on 3 sides and an innovative design offering a higher screen-to-body ratio than the vast majority of competitors, to which we must add a few Viewing angles 178 degreesproviding a more immersive experience.

Xiaomi TV Mi P1


If you are looking for a quality smartphone at a very good price, you should look at Redmi Note 10 Proas you will be able to buy it for only 229 euros.

This is a terminal with AMOLED screen with a frequency of 120 Hz update frequency, Snapdragon 732G as a processor, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal memory and a 33 W fast charging system.

Redmi Note 10 Pro


Maybe you prefer a tablet and for that you can buy it on AliExpress Plaza Days Teklast T40 Pro in the amount of 170.62 euros.

This is a high performance tablet 10.4 inch screen (2000 x 1200 pixels), 8-core processor, 128 GB internal memory, 8 GB RAM, main camera signed by Sony 13 MPanother 8 MP front and a 7000 mAh battery with an 18W fast charging system.

Teklast T40 Pro


But if you’re looking for technology to help you eat healthier, you can purchase an air fryer. Aygostar Cube paying only 86.24 euros.

It has capacity 7 literspower 1900 W, and led touch screen7 preset functions and recipe book included.

Aygostar Cube


The last example we are going to tell you about the savings we enjoy at Plaza Days is the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner with which we will have shiny floors. This is about iLife V7 Plus the price of which has been reduced to 158.09 euros.

This is a device that carries roller 2 in 1, applicable to all types of floors, capable of collecting dirt and vacuuming it thanks to a powerful suction system. In addition, you can also clean by wiping with a mop with water. Them the battery allows it to work 120 minutes uninterrupted and manage to clean the premises up to 140 square meters.

iLife V7 Plus


As you’ve just seen, you can’t miss the opportunity to shop at Plaza Days and thus get some really important discounts.

Remember that you have time from July 11th to 14th to take advantage of all the offers and discount codes that AliExpress has prepared for you.

Source: Computer Hoy

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