Meta, in partnership with Ray-Ban, launched new styles of its smart glasses and announced new features with artificial intelligence (AI). Accessories are now even more useful, now acts as a camera for video calls and answer quick questions with voice commands using the multimodal model.

New features start with the virtual assistant built into the glasses. The tool uses the accessory’s microphone and camera to understand user requests and answer quick questions using voice commands.

In the ad, Mark Zuckerberg’s company claims that the assistant’s AI can interpret users’ speech, understand the context of the content, and say what the camera frames. User may request Request information about a plant species, a translation of a sign written in an unknown language, and much more..

According to Meta, the function was put on trial in December, but now the feature has been released to the public in the Beta phase. The news comes first to those living in the USA and Canada.

Video calling support

The second innovation is Video calling support on Ray-Ban Meta glasses. Now users will be able to share their perspectives in real-time conversations via WhatsApp or Messenger.

The glasses camera can be used in WhatsApp and Messenger video calls.

The resource is mainly useful for answering quick questions with family or friends, as Meta illustrated. “Imagine being in a grocery store and not knowing which brand of kombucha to buy. Now you can video call your mom and ask for recommendations based on what you see,” the company said.

New Styles and Apple Music

Although it is not stated in the official statement, Ray-Ban Meta has also gained compatibility with Apple Music. With its functionality, user can control playing songs without needing hands, controls everything from voice commands. The user can request a song, playlist or artist, ask for recommendations and more.

Finally, Meta also announced new frames for Ray-Ban glasses. The new styles complement existing options for accessories, allowing consumers to choose what best suits their look.

Source: Tec Mundo

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