Messenger’s founder, Pavel Durov, commented on the recent removal of his brainchild from the Chinese version of the App Store at the request of local authorities.

According to Durov, such a step will not have a significant impact on the number of Telegram downloads in China. He thinks Apple is the real victim of the situation.

According to him, Chinese authorities are looking for ways to transfer more of their citizens from iPhones to Android smartphones from manufacturers such as Xiaomi.

Unlike Apple’s creations, most Android devices do not allow you to install applications only from official stores, which will make it easier for Chinese users to access Telegram.

“Once again, Apple is shooting itself in the foot with its enforcement policies. As a result, the iPhone will continue to lose market share in China. Durov noted that prioritizing profit over user freedom is not the best long-term strategy.

Source: Ferra

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