Premieres in the entertainment world, mostly in movies, are one of the things that drives the internet crazy. Today everything is calm, and the next day all Twitter is talking about the new season weird things or the latest Marvel movie. If you’ve already had the opportunity to see them, joining the conversation can be a unique and interesting experience. However, if you have not done so, spoilers can be your worst nightmare.

For this reason, today we are here to show you 3 tricks so that you can surf the Internet with more peace of mind. With them, you will be able to avoid spoilers on your social networks or YouTube videos. But yes, keep in mind that this does not include conversations between your colleagues or people on the subway (and your WhatsApp friends).

With these three tools The Internet has never been so secure for the movie lover who has little time in his daily life. Just follow the instructions to start living fearlessly online.

Option One: Silent Words on Twitter


This is the most “simple” option on the list. Probably the biggest difficulty is remembering all the words that need to be silenced. There may be many depending on the it was with Game of Thrones at that time.

When you already have character names, series name, production locations and more – if you can list the actors’ names, all the better – you can mute those specific words.

For this it’s simple Do the following.

  1. Sign in Twitter. Both online and in the app, the steps are very similar.
  2. Later go to Settings and privacy.
  3. click on Privacy & Security. here open mute and block.
  4. click on silent words. Once here, just press the button Add.

Write a word or phrase. It could also be a hashtag or a Twitter user. When everything is ready, activate start timelineY make sure the indicator is on from anyone. If you leave it on From people you don’t follow – Default – Twitter will only silence people you don’t follow. Which can bring you bitter surprises.

Second option: use this extension for your browser

Chrome OS

Why limit yourself to simply disabling words on Twitter when you can do it with the entire internet? That’s it. This extension called Spoiler Protection 2.0 available for Chrome, will allow you to disable words from Facebook, Google, news sitesTwitter and more.

Go to Chrome Web Storedownload it and after installation just customize it to your liking. You can even choose whether or not you want to exclude certain websites from your preferences if you don’t want to be completely off the topic.

Spoiler Protection 2.0 it will also block images and videosif so configured. A tool that, without a doubt, should be on every computer.

Third Option: Block YouTube Spoilers

Video Blocker and Shut Up are two of the most useful extensions you’ll find on the Google Web Store. With the first one you can block all the videos you want, including on a specific topic. Meanwhile with the second you can disable comments so as not to accidentally spoil your mood when reading them.

Just download extensions and activate them in Chrome to start enjoying life without spoilers. Of course, be on the lookout, because at some point everything can go wrong.

Source: Hiper Textual

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