There is no doubt that Bilbao Alex de la Iglesia is one of the most beloved and respected directors of Spanish cinema. Not only because a handful of his films, such as day of the beast, they captivate a large number of moviegoers who do not miss the appointment of each of their new on the billboard. Some of us also appreciate him for the speeches he gave as president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences during the annual Goya Awards.

“Twenty-five years ago, those dedicated to our profession would never have thought that something called the Internet would revolutionize the film market in this way, and that whether our films were seen or not would not just be a matter of attracting the public to theaters. The Internet is not the future, as some believe. Internet is real (…), exactly, saving our cinema“, he said in 2011. Filmin was born in 2008, but the big upheaval at Netflix didn’t come until 2015.

His clairvoyance was undeniable. D the opposition he faced what he suggested is very unfortunate. For example, in the later President of the Academy, Mr. Enrique González Macho, who answered the following at the gala evening of the same award in 2012: “The Internet, unfortunately, is still neither an alternative, nor a replacement, nor even a supplement to the huge economic effort associated with film production. Meanwhile, millions watched pirated movies online.

‘Day of the Beast’ | Iberoamerican

The opinion of profile critics about the work of Alex de la Iglesia

it ranging films of Alex de la Iglesia in accordance with the information provided in the field rotten tomatoes for critics:

  1. mutant action (1993): GPA 8 out of 10 in 6 reviews.
  2. my big night (2015): average 7.7 in 21 reviews.
  3. violent crime (2004): average 7.1 in 53 reviews.
  4. day of the beast (1995): average 6.9 in 12 reviews.
  5. Venicephrenia (2021): average 6.8 in 8 reviews.
  6. Witches of Zugarramurdi (2013): average 6.7 in 31 reviews.
  7. a sad ballad about a trumpet (2010): average 6.6 in 35 reviews.
  8. Perdita Durango (1997): average 6.1 in 13 reviews.
  9. Bar (2016): average 5.9 in 8 reviews.
  10. 800 bullets (2002): average 5.8 in 11 reviews.
  11. spark of life (2011): average 4.6 in 8 reviews.
  12. Oxford murders (2008): average four in 12 reviews.

No data on laugh to death (1999), nor Community (2000) neither perfect strangers (2017).

Moviegoers Opinion Rotten Tomatoes

Anonymous users who vote for rotten tomatoes They leave us this result from Alex de la Iglesia:

  1. day of the beast: average score 4.1 out of 5 with over 5000 votes.
  2. Community: half four with over 2500 votes.
  3. violent crime: half 3.9 with over 5000 votes.
  4. laugh to death: half 3.9 with over 500 votes.
  5. perfect strangers: half 3.6 with less than 50 votes.
  6. mutant action: half 3.6 with over 2500 votes.
  7. Perdita Durango: half 3.6 with over 2500 votes.
  8. a sad ballad about a trumpet: half 3.5 with over 5000 votes.
  9. 800 bullets: half 3.4 with over 2500 votes.
  10. my big night: half 3.4 with over 100 votes.
  11. Witches of Zugarramurdi: half 3.4 with over 1000 votes.
  12. Bar: half 3.4 with over 250 votes.
  13. spark of life: half 3.2 with over 250 votes.
  14. Oxford murders: half 2.8 with over 10,000 votes.

No data on Venicephrenia.

A still from Alex de la Iglesia's film Community.
“Community” | lolafilms

The opinion of IMDb moviegoers about the movie of Alex de la Iglesia

On the other hand, here are the numbers he gives us IMDb on what the public thinks of the films of Alex de la Iglesia:

  1. day of the beast: average score 7.3 out of 10 with 21,469 votes.
  2. Community: half 7.2 with 11,991 votes.
  3. violent crime: half 7.1 with 12,273 votes.
  4. perfect strangers: half 6.9 with 13,940 votes.
  5. a sad ballad about a trumpet: half 6.5 with 14,267 votes.
  6. laugh to death: half 6.5 with 3493 votes.
  7. Witches of Zugarramurdi: half 6.4 with 14,459 votes.
  8. mutant action: half 6.4 with 5303 votes.
  9. 800 bullets: half 6.3 with 4506 votes.
  10. Perdita Durango: half 6.3 with 8964 votes.
  11. Bar: half 6.3 with 26,465 votes.
  12. Oxford murders: half 6.1 with 29,124 votes.
  13. my big night: half 6.1 with 4497 ​​votes.
  14. spark of life: half 6.1 with 2756 votes.
  15. Venicephrenia: half 5.1 with 1342 votes.

FilmAffinity, the opinion of moviegoers

And finally, this is the information about Alex de la Iglesia that he gives us. FilmAffinity:

  1. day of the beast: average score 7.1 out of 10 with 72,549 votes.
  2. Community: half 6.9 with 49,286 votes.
  3. perfect strangers: half 6.4 with 37,824 votes.
  4. mutant action: half 5.9 with 18,743 votes.
  5. violent crime: half 5.8 with 31,083 votes.
  6. Oxford murders: half 5.7 with 49,137 votes.
  7. Bar: half 5.7 with 31,329 votes.
  8. Witches of Zugarramurdi: half 5.6 with 41,973 votes.
  9. a sad ballad about a trumpet: half 5.6 with 41,909 votes.
  10. 800 bullets: half 5.5 with 15,551 votes.
  11. spark of life: half 5.5 with 10,672 votes.
  12. Perdita Durango: half 5.3 with 12,870 votes.
  13. laugh to death: half 5.1 with 16,586 votes.
  14. my big night: half 5 with 16,664 votes.
  15. Venicephrenia: half 4.8 with 5946 votes.
Image of
‘Fever of crime’ | Panic Movies

Conclusions on the best and worst about Alex de la Iglesia

According to Rotten Tomatoes, in best movie Alex de la Iglesia for specialized criticism mutant action, his first film. However, it is necessary to take into account a certain lack of analysis that this platform has collected for his filmography, because he is a Spanish director without a clear international projection. So it’s likely that under other circumstances the data would be closer to their own voters’ data and that of IMDb and FilmAffinity.

For those of the three web pages, day of the beast stands out from the rest of his works. And critics point to Oxford murders as the worst, just like moviegoers of the same Rotten Tomatoes. While representatives from IMDb and FilmAffinity choose Venicephrenia, the latest released by the Bilbao-based director. FROM Community D cruel crime close in most cases.

Source: Hiper Textual

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