Audio brand JBL has introduced four wireless in-ear models: all with a new target audience: JBL Tune Flex, JBL Quantum TWS, JBL Live Pro 2 and JBL Reflect Aero.

One of the problems of Bluetooth audio compared to wired headphones is audio latency. You don’t notice when listening to music or podcasts. With video, you may already notice that the image and sound are not completely in sync. According to JBL, mobile gamers with a rising user base are more affected by this delay. The latest bluetooth version (bluetooth 5.2) already suffers from less lag. To eliminate the problem completely, JBL has presented a stunning in-ear kit: JBL Quantum TWS (149 €).

These headphones for gamers have the features you expect. Consider noise suppression, multi-device connectivity, and bluetooth 5.2. It is noteworthy that you get a USB-C dongle, however. This dongle provides a fast wireless connection between the playback device and the headset. This connection is 2.4 GHz, not bluetooth. An added bonus is that the bandwidth of this connection is higher, so you don’t compromise on sound quality as always with bluetooth headphones.


JBL Quantum TWS has a dongle for better sound quality and less lag.

JBL Tune Flex

The brand is also trying to innovate with the JBL Tune Flex (99,-€). These headphones offer a choice: whether you have rubber tips to shut out ambient noise very well and concentrate. Or you can wear them without ends so you get a little more out of the way (naturally).

Finally, JBL presented the Live Pro 2 (€149) and the Reflect Aero. The first replaced the Live Pro earphones and (according to JBL) was developed specifically in the noise reduction field. The JBL Reflect Aero (€149) is especially suitable for athletes and is splash-proof.

It is not yet clear exactly which headphones will be released when exactly. JBL in-ear headphones are expected to hit the market this summer.


The JBL Tune Flex can be fitted with or without a rubber tip.

JBL Reflect Aero is geared towards athletes.

Source: Computer Totaal

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