Luis ‘Chino’ Sandoval is at the center of the debate. The young football player, who came after being kicked out of Junior de Barranquilla, was on the agenda on social networks this Wednesday after he was leaked. An intimate video with another woman who is not his wife.

(In context: The controversy over the intimate video of the player being kicked from the alleged cheerleader Junior).

Although the recording date of the video is unknown, Sandoval shares his privacy with a young woman internet users say will be a little cheerleaderIt didn’t take long for the discussion to come.

And amid the comments from Junior de Barranquilla fans, Sandoval’s wife Camila’s reaction was leaked shortly after the recording.

After taking flight clip on different platforms Sandoval’s wife Camila surprised him with a video he shared on social networks.

In the recording, the young wife appears in a swimsuit, with the most popular version of the song “Si la ves” interpreted by Venezuelan Franco de Vita, and the now-disbanded duet of Sin Bandera in the background.

“Tell her I’m so fine, I’ve never been so good”
heard in the video.

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Then the young woman, who has a son from Sandoval, shared a written message:

“Everything in this life has a purpose, one day everything will become clear. Trust you will soon see the sun shine as beautiful as your face“.

The decision to terminate Sandoval’s contract was taken at the club’s office at the beginning of May, after a meeting with the participation of the players. ‘Chino’, accompanied by a security guard from the club, left the venue without explaining to the media.

Sandoval was one of Junior’s most promising players and was even part of the Colombian National Team at the 2019 U-20 World Cup, where the team advanced to the quarterfinals. He was also on the team that unsuccessfully participated in the 2020 Pre-Olympics.

Disciplinary issues caused Junior to give up on him to save his career. In the second term of 2021, it was leased from B to Fortaleza and continued there. He then went to Águilas Doradas, where he played only seven matches in the first half of last year, and from there he returned to subsidiary Barranquilla.


Source: Exame

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