If a person is 30 or older, they are more likely to remember important social events that occurred between the ages of 10 and 30. Same thing with favorite teams, groups, etc. Also valid for . If people from different generations are asked, after naming their favorite movie, they will most likely name the movie they watched during this age period.

There are various theories explaining why we remember periods from 10 to 30 years well. One of these is due to the fact that many events that occur during this period shape our personality. They are intertwined with our evolving understanding of who we are, which is why we remember them.

Another theory is that we have many new experiences at a young age. The novelty of these events makes them unforgettable.

Finally, a more realistic explanation is that our mental and memory performance peaks in the second and third years of life. Thanks to him, we remember this period very well.

Source: Ferra

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