Brazilians increasingly understand the importance of having protection for their vehicles. And even because of the pandemic, online recruitment goes beyond convenienceas it affects people’s safety and quality of life.

This is because leaving the house exposes yourself to the risk of viruses, as well as problems with traffic, spending, and security in general.

From there, let’s talk about Insurance market in BrazilRead the main sites in the area.

Among them, we have highlighted those that are considered the most accessed by users searching for auto insurance quotes. Regional Insurtech Report 2020It analyzed the reach data published by Semrush, taking into account the largest sites in the segment.

We’ve selected the top 5 online insurance sites in the country to help readers choose the ideal one to get a quote without leaving home.

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  • clever

  • Youse Seguros

  • concerto

  • Insurance Minute

5 of the largest online auto insurance sites in Brazil

Speaking of online insurance sites, after evaluating the list published in the Insurtech Report District survey, we rank 5 options here according to their market performance, reliability and the solutions they offer to consumers.

1 –

The first portal worth mentioning is, which has long been among the largest insurance sites in Brazil.

To give you an idea of ​​how reliable it is, Semrush received a total of 293,810 clicks on the site in 2020, primarily due to its informative articles, answering questions and directing consumers.

HE It was a project developed in 2012 by Guilherme, SEO Specialist and Founder of Gluz Digital, by da Luz and the SEO team while co-founding Vemm Leads, which was later merged into Quinstreet (Nasdaq: QNST). The portal has already generated more than 35 million unique users and 5 million organic leads through projects in the automotive insurance space and is considered one of the largest in Brazil in this segment, so Luz proposes innovative digital actions for creating websites. Meet the public and clear their doubts.

“’s success as one of the largest insurance sites in Brazil in such a competitive market where large insurance companies have invested millions demonstrates the importance of focusing not only on sales, but also on the consumer with the creation of a sales-oriented portal. It produces relevant and useful information for readers who want to understand more,” says Luz.

You can make the offer through the website itself and simply fill out a form with your data, which will be sent to partner brokers and insurance companies.

This data acts as a parameter to outline your profile as a consumer by analyzing your insurance needs and expectations to send you personalized offers.

For this, he uses SimCorretor as a tool that connects the best brokers, brokers and insurance companies in Brazil with users looking to hire the ideal insurance profile.

I want to get a car insurance quote on

2 – Smartia


Smartia is the pioneer of the online insurance market and had 142,290 hits in 2020 according to Semrush data.

The website’s recommendation is to partner with insurance quote companies, communicate with customers and inform them about offers that best suit the consumer’s needs and profile, as well as use the SimCorretor portal for this mediation between professionals and consumers.

In addition, the company has a dedicated blog to help customers better understand the insurance market, as well as segment-related tips and updates.

It is one of the most reliable sites for insurance quotes since it has been on the market for a long time.

I want to get auto insurance quote on Smartia

3 – Youse Seguros


Another insurance company in the hall where the best companies in the market are located is Youse Seguros, a subsidiary of Caixa Seguradora.

The difference compared to the others is that the consumer gets all the necessary information to decide which insurance option is the best, and makes his own offer directly on the website.

You can choose the coverage types and insurance details you want.

However, Youse only has one partner company, that is Caixa Seguradora, which is not the case with the other sites mentioned above.

4 – Conkero


Unlike other companies, Konkero is a finance portal that offers various solutions such as loans, consortiums, financing and insurance.

In addition to providing relevant content to inform and assist the public about all these services, the site has partnerships with other insurance companies and companies that also offer online insurance quotes.

The survey published by the Distrito Insurtech Report was also highlighted with 1,834,203 hits.

5 – Insurance Records


Finally, there is Minuto Seguros, which has a reach of 462,503 in 2020.

It is an independent digital broker and has 16 co-insurers.

Therefore, it works as a kind of mediator between the client himself and the insurance company, communicating with clients and forwarding offers.

Advantages and opportunities of an online insurance quote

Source: Pexels

Online insurance offer is very advantageous for the consumer and competitive in the market as it allows for a more personalized service based on each customer’s needs, information and profile.

This facility gives you access to the best options because you have all the information upfront about what you will pay to choose the best, benefits, entitlements, guarantees and the like.

It offers several channels for companies to help consumers search for more options without leaving the comfort of their home, while offering relevant content and instructing them in making the best choice.

SeguroAuto Channel on YouTube:


A practical example is that the website, featured here among the highlights in the field of online insurance offers, in addition to the website and blog, offers a YouTube channel in the field of automotive insurance, as well as various offers. automatic hints.

Visit SeguroAuto Youtube channel

This is a way to assist the consumer in hiring this service, after clearing any doubts and having a good understanding of the issue.

Insurance details in Brazil

The insurance market in Brazil is increasingly consolidated and involved in the economy.

According to the Association of Brokers (SINCOR), the 10 largest existing insurance companies account for around 75% of the insurance market, indicating that the segment is highly concentrated.

According to the São Paulo State Association of Entrepreneurs and Independent Brokerage and Insurance Distribution Professionals (SINCOR-SP), the insurance market grew 6.4% in 2022, mainly in terms of claims and liability.

The trend is that the niche will continue to grow despite the challenges it faces, such as the country’s economic recession and an increase in the number of insurers.

That’s why the market is looking for new solutions and differentiations that offer special advantages as well as investing in the integration of systems between insurance companies and partners, protecting data security and privacy.

As you can see, insurance websites, especially those that partner with insurance companies, have a variety of options that fit your profile, meet your needs, and offer better value for your money compared to certain companies in the field.

And you liked the list of the top 5 online auto insurance sites in Brazil?

Source: Tec Mundo

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