In the new Pro series, the blue titanium color will be replaced by pink. Thus, users will be able to choose between black, white/silver, pink and natural titanium colors.

The base iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus models will be available in black, white, green, pink and blue.

A purple variant was also expected to appear, but Kuo did not mention it in his predictions.

The official announcement of the iPhone 16 is expected to take place in the fall, most likely in September. The design of the phones will be similar to the iPhone 15, but the screens of the Pro models will be slightly larger. The camera module on the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will change its orientation from diagonal to portrait.

The main innovation will be the addition of a Capture button, which will simplify the process of taking photos and videos.

This button will be pressure sensitive: A light press will focus the camera, and a full press will take a photo. This is reminiscent of the way traditional cameras work.

Source: Ferra

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