At the same time What’s up? Working to improve everything related to groups and additional options such as surveys, the company does not stop thinking about new possibilities for the application. One has to do with the use avatarseverything indicates that it will not take long for this possibility to be found in the application we are talking about.

It is known that the studies on this subject have already started and therefore the steps of its parent company (Meta), which is one of the biggest references for such content for the future, will be followed. Yes, we refer virtual universe. An example of what we’re saying is that avatars are already available on developments like Facebook and Instagram. And you see, you want to close the circle.

What are avatars?

Basically, they are three-dimensional creations that aim to represent users in the online world. In this way, you can choose someone who is faithful to the look you have or has nothing to do with it and always has the purpose of being. defined in the online world (and, as we noted, anything that has anything to do with the Metaverse). Therefore, there is no news about its functionality upon arrival on WhatsApp.

One of the things that is quite surprising in the published data is that the company is working to include avatars in the app. since March. However, to date, no data has been found showing that codes and options have been started to be entered in this regard. And now that moment has come, so everything indicates that its application is already progressing and tests will begin shortly.

Avatar button in WhatsApp


Specifically, and as can be seen in the previous picture, where the first data confirming the use of these three-dimensional representations are seen, a video call. Obviously, the button in question is not functional in the trial version of WhatsApp, but it makes it very clear that its arrival is imminent.

Use of these contents on WhatsApp

Apart from video calls, which are already a tempting prospect, everything else is in these creations at the same time. stickers in chats. In this way, you will have personalized and unique content while expressing yourself with these images. It is also quite possible that there will be some surprises in this regard among the new functions that are expected to come to the application soon – for example, for group moderators.

Together custom editing sectionEverything suggests that before the end of the year, avatars on WhatsApp will become real, so that the user can make changes if he wants to have a new look online. Obviously, it will be used in the test version for iOS and Android at first, then to reach the stable version. That is, the usual way of working of the company.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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