Last Monday (11), streaming platform Deezer announced the arrival of a key feature in its app. Users will now have access to real-time lyrics translation, a very welcome improvement since the functionality was implemented alongside the original texts in 2014.

This feature, which is still expanding, will guarantee simultaneous translation of the lyrics of “popular songs” in English, French, German and also Portuguese – a very positive thing for the expansion of Brazilian culture. As more works are translated, Deezer recommends users use the resource as a way to practice their knowledge of existing foreign languages.

To use the innovation, simply access the lyrics section in Deezer via the microphone icon and activate the “with translation” option. Additionally, Alexandra Leloup, the company’s vice president of core products, explained to users the importance of the feature, saying: “Now they can discover the true nature of their favorite music and even improve their language skills or learn a whole new language process”.


Simply called “Lyrics Translation”, the innovation is now available for the Deezer app for iOS and Android, as well as a version for browsers and PCs. See more details about the feature by clicking here.

Source: Tec Mundo

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