About four months ago OnePlus organized an open discussion with 16 participants from the user group in an online Open Ear Forums (OEF). The company mainly talked about the next update of OxygenOS 13with the aim of getting a general idea of ​​what users expect from the new version of the operating system.

However, since everything attendees could see was under an NDA, no detailed information emerged after the discussion, but thanks to OnePlus’ follow-up proposals, we got a sneak peek at some of the potential improvements to expect. Recently, OnePlus released a very short teaser video on Twitter, revealing at least some changes to the lock screen and always visible (ADD).

The video is also accompanied by a short text that briefly says, “It’s bold, it’s fluid, it’s coming soon,” which may hint at the better system consistency and optimization mentioned during the March discussion, but the short teaser shows different oval shapes first, and hopefully that also ties into better customization and UI consistency.

The most notable improvements, however, are those related to the always-on display, which now supports a full music player with multimedia controls and a photo of the song’s artwork. Although that widget will likely change depending on the application you use for streaming audio.

We’ve also seen a rendering of the Canvas AOD feature that we’re already familiar with from previous OnePlus phones, even if it’s hard to tell if there are any improvements, and finally, we’ll also see Insight AOD that can display phone usage. , the date , the now and more, but with nothing new in the mix.

Source: Lega Nerd

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