Wildberries compared the number of product displays by sellers over the past year and found that the most frequently promoted items are those that are in demand year-round: T-shirts, dresses, pants and bags. This is indicated in the materials on the site.

Wildberries found out which products sellers promote most often

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Among seasonal products, in the period from May to July, priority is given to investing in the promotion of summer products.

In July and August preparations for the school year begin; Items for schoolchildren are actively promoted: blouses, shirts and backpacks.

With the arrival of cold weather, warm sweaters appear more frequently in search results. And starting in November, the number of displays of garlands and linens increases.

The most promoted item of clothing in June 2023 is a set of basic black and white cotton t-shirts. The protagonist of December 2023 are board games for family evenings. The wireless headphones became a February hit on the VB.Promotion account, one of the most popular gifts on February 23 and March 8.

Wildberries analyzed the products with the highest number of impressions for the period between April 2023 and April 2024.

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